The Katowice Internationals World Cup came back again this year for its III Edition, under the slogan “A Ball Can Change Everything”. The event took place on 2-3 October in the pitch next to Stadion Śląski Chorzów. Its aim is, since the very beginning, to promote social inclusion and diversity through a simple yet extraordinary action, such as a football match. Multicultural interaction and inclusivity are the values our Foundation believes in and promotes every day.

The whole draw of the tournament was composed by 20 different national teams from nearly every continent: Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Each team was composed of internationals living in Poland and coming not only from Katowice or Silesia, but also Kraków or Gdánsk: the only requirement to play is being born in the country you are playing for.

The first day started with a parade of the 20 national teams to present themselves to the supporters. The pitch was divided in 4 different pitches where all the matches were being played at the same time, to make the show more exciting. Soon enough we could see some teams already getting favourites for the Cup after some astonishing matches.

These two intense days culminated in a thrilling and deserved victory for the Egyptian team and an earned second place for the Portuguese one, but our greatest achievement is to have marched under the same flag! Looking forward to the next chapter.