The Accelerator

Improve your Italian and widen your knowledge of Italian culture !


Did you know that the worldwide popular “Spaghetti alla bolognese” are not actually part of the traditional Bolognese or even Italian cuisine? Why we should never put pinaeapple on pizza? What does the pinecone gesture exactly mean? And why do Italians walking under stairs or why do they feel unlucky if they see a black cat?

Boost your level of Italian, completely for free!

garagErasmus Foundation and Erasmus+ INDIRE are launching a second edition of THE ACCELERATOR in 2022, aiming at giving an opportunity to exchange students who are willing to improve their basic-intermediate level of Italian and, over all, widen their knowledge about Italy (culture, habits, customs… and even cuisine!).

Sessions are aimed at people counting with a basic-intermediate level of Italian (equivalent to B1, more or less!) and will be held 100% in Italian. They will always follow the same structure, with a first strictly pedagogical part and a second more informal one on the customs and traditions of Italy. The wonderful team of language teachers of the Dante Alighieri Language Institute of Recanati will be in charge of them: below there is a preview of the programme for this edition.

Save the dates & register by Tuesday 5 April!

Sessions will start on 7 April and will be carried out on Tuesdays & Thursdays, until 5 May 2022: on Tuesday 12/03, Thursday 14/03, Tuesday 19/04, Thursday 21/04, Tuesday 26/04, Thursday 28/04, Tuesday 03/04 & Thursday 05/05.

Register completely for free through this form:

Applications will remain open until Tuesday 05 April 23:59 CEST. All the registered people will receive a confirmation email* some hours before the event including all the details on how to join the Webinars on Zoom. In case you haven’t received any confirmation on the same Thursday 07 at 12.00 CEST please send an email to (but make sure to check your spam folder before that ;)!

The + of Erasmus

This initiative is part of THE + OF ERASMUS project: Erasmus+ INDIRE and garagErasmus Foundation are merging their forces to turn a period of difficulty for the next Generation of Europeans into an opportunity to improve the Erasmus+ experience to unequivocally underline the value, even in a difficult period, of the studies and internships carried out thanks to the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

This activity has been conceived for Erasmus+ exchange students willing to improve their level of Italian and, therefore, their participation in the project will be prioritary.

Programme of the 2022 Accelerator edition

Thursday 07 April

15.00 – 16:50

  • Prepositions of place & time
  • Italian Comics

17.10 – 19:00

  • Easter Traditions: lexic and culture
  • Easter Traditions: comparison among Italian regions and cuisine 

Tuesday 12 April

15.00 – 16:50

  • Idioms
  • Italian Cuisine: typical recipes

17.10 -19:00

  • The past perfect: formation, usage & verbs with double auxiliary
  • A designer who revolutionised fashion: Elsa Schiaparelli

Thursday 14 April

15.00 – 16:50

  • Combined pronouns. Review of simple pronouns, combined pronouns & common pronominal verbs.
  • Bologna & pasta

17.10 – 19:00

  • Giotto: the Medieval painter who completely changed Italian art

Tuesday 19 April

15.00 – 16:50

  • Starting an oral communication: greeting people
  • A couple of curious facts about Venice

17.10 -19:00

  • The basis of the Italian language: the articles, from the simplest usages to particularities

Thursday 21 April

15.00 – 16:50

  • Another time in the past: the imperfect. The near past and the imperfect and the connectives that link them
  • A ‘ritual’ of the Italians: the aperitif

17.10 – 19:00

  • Indefinite pronouns and adjectives
  • Italian fashion and design

Tuesday 26 April

15.00 – 16:50

  • Impersonal and reflexive forms comparison
  • Italian Migrations

17.10 -19:00

  • Non-spoken Italian: gestures
  • Italy through the movies: cinema tips

Thursday 28 April

15.00 – 16:50

  • The subjunctive mode: an introduction
  • Pisa & Siena

17.10 – 19:00

  • Italy through cinema : film recommendations
  • Non-spoken Italian: gestures

Tuesday 03 May

15.00 – 16:50

  • The Direct Imperative
  • Italian light music: karaoke

17.10 – 19:00

  • Italian traditional festivities, particularly 25 April
  • Italian cuisine: recipes, flavours and traditions

Thursday 05 May

15.00 – 16:50

  • Phonetics: the pronunciation of Italian markings and the double letters
  • Phonetics

17.10 – 19:00

  • Relative pronouns
  • Italian Wines: land, lexic and wine culture in Italy