Annual Meeting 2019

May 06th – 07th June

Malaga, Spain.


The 2019 Annual Meeting of the garagErasmus Foundation took place in Málaga (Spain) on the 6th and 7th of June 2019, hosted by the University of Málaga,it gathered universities and companies from all over Europe. The meeting aimed at gathering potential new members of the garagErasmus’ Foundation.

During the event, participants highlighted the importance of synergies between universities, companies, cities and associations in order to improve the careers of young professionals.

Indeed, the aim of the event was to create stronger links between our partners and to exchange ideas and information on what was at that time ongoing projects.

Moreover, garagErasmus’ annual report and projects of 2018, such as the International Talents Match or the Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus Generation, were presented, as well as the projects that, at that time, garagErasmus was working on, such as Erasmus Vote Power, SEND, EYVOL or IYE-LABS .

Also, at the occasion of the Laissez-passer Award, Orsolya Réka Süli won the Golden Laissez Passer 2019, thus, she received €3,000 to develop her idea.

Her project aimed to address the climate impact of our daily purchases by developing a database that collects information on the environmental impact of a wide range of food products.


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