As part of the Brand Me project, garagErasmus organised an LTTA in Milan from 23 to 29 of June for youth workers working with NEETs and assisting them in their professional development.

Twenty-four participants from six different countries – Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Lithuania and Romania – gathered to test and evaluate the activities developed within the project to help NEETs develop the necessary skills to improve their personal branding.

The participants had the opportunity to engage with 12 comprehensive modules developed by the project partners, including garagErasmus, VR Marketing, Efektas Group, Innovation Education Lab, INDEPCIE and VAEV.

The workshops were designed to assist NEETs in setting their goals and defining their career path, with the objective of reducing the percentage of NEETs in the partner countries.

The activities are inextricably linked to the forthcoming release of the Brand Me platform and manual, scheduled for the end of the year. This will provide NEETs and youth workers with the necessary materials to develop 12 relevant skills for personal branding in NEETs from partner countries.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme.