Would you like to do your bit for the Conference on the Future of Europe success? Become an Ambassador4EUFuture and help us to give a voice to the European youth: send your application no later than 24 May 2021!





Who’s behind the EUth Pages for Europe project?





garagErasmus Foundation (gE), the professional network of the Erasmus Generation who aims at supporting the shaping of a better-integrated Europe by improving the lives of people who had an international study or work experience.

What is the Conference on the Future of Europe?





The long-expected Conference on the Future of Europe (hereafter, CoFoE) aims at creating a new public forum for an open, inclusive, transparent and structured debate with Europeans around the issues that matter to them and affect their everyday lives. If you want to know more about the CoFoE you can visit the dedicated section on our website.





The CoFoE will open a new space for debate with citizens to address Europe’s challenges and priorities and all European citizens will be able to participate. Young people should play a central role in this process.

gE contribution to the Conference: how will the EUth Pages for Europe project enhance the debate?





Co-funded by the European Parliament, the “EUth Pages for Europe” project will develop a series of local & EU-wide activities to make the Erasmus Generation have an impact on the CoFoE. garagErasmus will assist young people (Ambassadors4EUFuture) from all over Europe to organise local debates to collect their opinions & expectations for the European Union in a publication, the EUth Pages for Europe, addressed to EU policy-makers. The project does also count with the support of Fondation Hippocrène.

Would you like to become an Ambassador? Apply for it, attend our training sessions in June & learn how to organise local events!





gE is currently looking for at least one Ambassador4EUfuture from each member state of the European Union. Once the selection process is completed, in mid-June 2021 (week of 14-18 June, dates TBC), we will train you on the Conference in 2 days online sessions on Zoom with EU officials, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) & experts from gE & other youth organisations from all over Europe.





These two online training sessions -entirely in English- will last for half a day and will enable you to organise at least one local event in the city you are currently living in & collect their expectations for a better Europe in topics such as climate change, youth policies and engagement or the post COVID-19 recovery.

So… what should you do after the training event? How should you organise the local event?





As an Ambassador you will have to organise at least one local event. You will be fully assisted by garagErasmus: we will guide you through the whole process, help you to recruit participants, and you will count with our financial support. You will have to submit a proposal including a provisional budget, but no panic: this will be one of the central elements of the training session!





On the other hand, you should take into account social inclusion as one of the key elements of the project: we aim at reaching the peripheries of big cities and young people who are not usually involved in this kind of debate, not only pro-EU citizens.

What is the aim of the EUth pages for Europe grassroots events?





The aim of these local events is to gather as many opinions as possible from young people from all around Europe. Once all the events are concluded, in Spring 2022, opinions will be presented in an EU-wide event, and working group meetings will be working on the different identified topics.





EU & national Institutions, universities and relevant stakeholders will be also present in this event, and they will help gE releasing a publication including all the compiled recommendations, the Euth Pages for Europe, which will be made available for policy-makers.

Why should you become an ambassador?





Becoming an ambassador will give you the opportunity to…





  • Take part in our training session on the Conference on the Future of Europe with gE & external experts, youth organisations, EU officials and MEPs!
  • Learn how to organise your own event(s) involving local communities!
  • Spread pro-European ideas among people who are not fully aware of the benefits of the European Union!
  • Play a key role in the Conference on the Future of Europe debates, gathering youngsters’ opinions and allowing them to become the decision-makers of their own future!





What are the requirements to become an Ambassador?





Our main target is people who have an international mindset. We will particularly focus on the Erasmus Generation (current and former exchange students and Alumni), as they are the most pro-European and tend to have a higher interest in EU related issues. These are the main selection criteria:





  1. Being over 18 years of age (if you are between 14 & 18, you can become an Ambassador if you prove the support of an accompanying adult, such as a legal tutor or a teacher).
  2. Being currently based in a EU Member state, no matter where you come from.
  3. Have an international mindset. A proven experience in EU exchange programmes (such as an Erasmus+ traineeship or university exchange, an Erasmus+ project at school or an experience abroad with the European Voluntary Service) will be highly valued!
  4. A good command of the local language of the country you are living now in order to reach people who do not speak foreign languages. Likewise, a good level of English is required in order to attend the training & effectively communicate with garagErasmus.
  5. Organising at least one event in your country, but the more events you are able to organise the better!
  6. Last but not least, having a real motivation for the project.
    Find out about all the selection criteria in this file. 




How should you apply for it?





By filling the form below no later than 24 May 2021 (23:59 CEST). If you have any doubts, please send an email to euthpagesforeurope@garagerasmus.org.



Do you want to be a trainer?

Please send an email to info@garagerasmus.org . Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis