As part of the “Digital Life Learning” project, our Greek partner People Behind implemented an impactful training in Athens for older people. This activity was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Athens, who provided the venue of the workshop.

From June 10th to 17th, a group made of 41 older participants and 15 young volunteers reunited together in this location to learn about digital education. The goal of the training was to introduce older people to the digital world, through the help of young volunteers, who educated them in specific digital activities and introduced how other generations communicate.

During the seven days, older participants actively participated in the training, showing enthusiasm and curiosity toward the different topics that were discussed. The agenda covered topics such as technology, social media, how to make digital transactions and media literacy.

The intergenerational exchange produced great interaction between older and younger participants, funny moments, and of course misunderstandings as well, but overall the training was an engaging collaboration that boosted the soft skills of all the participants as well as their understanding of the digital world.