Launched in April 2021, the platform is conceived as the Conference on the Future of Europe’s central hub. A place where every single citizen of the European Union can bring its ideas for the future of Europe and include information on their own organised events to discuss them. The platform represents a perfect opportunity for citizens to speak up, to say what kind of Europe they want to live in and to help to shape our common future. Do not hesitate to visit it, add your concrete contributions and debate other user’s ones!

Thanks to this multilingual digital platform -published in all the 24 EU’s working languages-, citizens from across Europe have the possibility to provide their views on any topic that they consider important for the future of the EU, and enables them –for the first time at EU level– to put forward their ideas, comment on other people’s ideas, create and participate in events.

The platform does also provide information on the Conference’s structure and work, as well as resources for event organisers including a catalog of key events through which they will be able to promote their initiatives at local, regional, national, and European levels. Citizens are easily able to look up events in which they wish to participate thanks to an events map.

EUth Pages for Europe: our contribution to the debate!

garagErasmus is contributing to success of the Conference on the Future of Europe through the EUth Pages for Europe project. Co-funded by the European Union, this project is developing a series of activities to make the Erasmus Generation have an impact on it through local events collecting youngster’s opinions and expectations and collecting them in a publication, the EUth Pages for Europe, addressed to EU policy-makers.

So far up to 10 events have been organised in Czechia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland & Croatia, and during the first months of 2022 will be organised in the rest of EU member states. Once all the grassroots events are completed, in March or April 2022, garagErasmus will organise an event presenting the results of the local events, followed by working group meetings on the different identified youth priorities. A publication including all the recommendations from local events will be released at the end of the process.