The EUth Pages for Europe project will develop a series of activities in all EU member states in order to make the Erasmus Generation have an impact on the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE). This project is co-funded by the European Parliament in the framework of the “Youth engagement on the Conference of the future of Europe” grant.


Who is our project aimed at?

Our two main target groups are young students – particularly those ones who are not usually involved in the debate on the future of Europe, who will be given the opportunity to take part in the Youth Agoras organised in the context of the CoFoE- and citizens who need to re-gain trust in the European project, at a time where Euroscepticism is on the rise and pandemic is causing a devastating crisis.

garagErasmus will particularly focus its efforts on the Erasmus Generation (current exchange students and Alumni), as they are the most pro-European and tend to have a higher interest in issues such as youth unemployment, economy and growth, being also easily able to involve other youngsters. A particular attention will be also given to people coming from the peripheries who are not generally involved in the debate on the future of Europe.


How will we proceed?

gE will select one Ambassador4EUFuture from each EU member State. Erasmus+ National Agencies, universities, partner organisations (such as Erasmus Student Network, AEGEE, etc.), and interested stakeholders will play a key role in promoting this call.

After providing Ambassadors4EUFuture with 2 days training session, gE will assist them in organising at least one local event in their current country of residence, in close cooperation with our universities (foundation members) and our local chapters, the gE4s.

Ambassadors will play a key role in gathering the opinions of local youngsters to sum them up in our final document, the Erasmus Pages. This publication will include their recommendations and will be prepared in close cooperation with the academic world.


How can you get involved?

Are you a University officer or professor?

Host your own event, share the ambassador call to give to your students the opportunity to become Ambassador 4 EU future representing their country.

Are you a National Agency, youth stakeholder, a local association or a NGO?

Support us with the dissemination of the project in order to reach all the peripheries and outskirts!

Are you a student or part of the Erasmus generation?

Apply to the call for become one of the Ambassador4EUfuture, join the the Youth Agoras, and our events!

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on how you could be involved in the implementation of the project! Stay tuned for more info and news about this project. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!