Fabrizio Bitetto has been appointed as the new President of garagErasmus Foundation for the period 2023- 2027. Carl Björkman to be Chairman of the High Level Council

On 8 September in Malta, during the Annual Meeting 2023 of garagErasmus Foundation, Fabrizio Bitetto has been announced to be the next Board President of garagErasmus Foundation. Graduated in Urban Planning and Policy Design at the Polytechnic University in Milan in 2013, he was an Erasmus Student in Madrid in 2008.

Mr Bitetto has been Chief Executive Officer of garagErasmus Foundation since August 2017. During this period the Foundation has grown a lot, with more than 25 Universities Foundation members and 30 local associations all over the world.

Over the years he has played various important roles; for the 30 years of the Erasmus project he was appointed as Italy’s representative for the preparation of the “Erasmus + Generation Declaration” at European level. He launched many of the initiatives that today represent the Foundation at European level.

Another important appointment has gone to Carl Björkman, the new Chairman of the High Level Council of garagErasmus, an advisory forum that supports the development and promotion of the initiatives of the Foundation. Mr Björkman, already a member of garagErasmus board, is Head of Nordics at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to that, he worked with the World Economic Forum, where he was Director and Head of International Organisations and Government Affairs. He has also worked for Bloomberg, Waterberry Development Organisation, the United Nations, and the European Commission.