The garagErasmus Foundation enthusiastically applauds the recent announcement by the European Commission of three innovative initiatives aimed at fostering transnational cooperation among higher education institutions, setting the stage for the creation of a European degree. This momentous stride towards the conception of a European degree represents a significant leap forward in our collective European educational journey, building on the solid foundation laid by the Erasmus program—the pioneering European Union project that recognized studies abroad and facilitated a common framework for higher education.

As an organization deeply committed to promoting study mobility and its profound impact on the workforce and job market within Europe, garagErasmus Foundation has been an advocate for such advancements from the very beginning of its story. The introduction of a European degree is a crucial development that we believe will greatly facilitate worker mobility across Europe, meeting the evolving demands of the labour market and making graduates more attractive to prospective employers. This initiative will not only enhance the competitiveness of European higher education on the global stage but also significantly improve the learning mobility and transversal skills of students within the EU.

garagErasmus Foundation is particularly enthused by the proposed European degree policy lab supported by the Erasmus+ programme, set to be established in 2025. This initiative will play a pivotal role in engaging Member States and the higher education community in developing guidelines towards the realization of a European degree, facilitating seamless cooperation between institutions across borders.

We commend the European Commission’s commitment to simplifying and improving quality assurance processes and practices, and to automatic recognition of university degrees across the EU. These steps are essential for fostering trust, accountability, and the performance of universities, making the European degree a reality.

As garagErasmus Foundation, we remain steadfast in our dedication to supporting all European policies aimed at enhancing study mobility and workforce integration within Europe. We will continue to work diligently towards making the vision of a European degree a reality, contributing to a more integrated, innovative, and inclusive European higher education area.