We spoke with our dear friend Konstantinos Maragkos about his team’s projects and what the future holds for gE4 Athens.  Describing the Foundation as a ‘network creator’, he spoke passionately about the unique circumstances in which his garagErasmus story began. Konstantinos was the inaugural winner of the garagErasmus Laissez-Passer- a prize of 3000€ which can be invested into international projects. “How could my place within the garagErasmus community have started better?” he exclaimed.  

Konstantinos used the money to develop the WeAfriHug project with his teamThe project, born from interacting with the inspiring people Konstantinos met on his travels across Sub-Saharan Africa, works by providing opportunities and resources to improve the lives of young African people. “Passion was there, willingness was there, potential was there…but opportunities and information were not!” he explained. For the past 2 years, his team has worked endlessly to deliver life skills seminars, an educational camp, and civil organisation training sessions across eight African countries. 

Through education, WeAfriHug successfully fosters the relationship between Europe and Africa. They have created eight partnerships between African and European universities and six between African and European NGOs. Additionally, they have already organised multiple Erasmus+ mobility opportunities for young African people in Greece.   

So, what can we expect from gE4 Athens in the new year? On top of further developments of the We AfriHug project, gE4 Athens are cooperating with ESAA organisations to implement a new project, #MindtheGap, which aims to empower the Greek youth to act as advocates for the European Union. The key objectives of this ambitious project are…

  1. To raise awareness of Erasmus+ and to inform youth about mobility opportunities, 
  2. To boost the capabilities of youth by providing the necessary tools for the 21st century, 
  3. To engage policy makers to support Youth Action.

Speaking as a true global citizen, Konstantinos explained: ‘My community is the world. I am not only concerned about the place that I was born and raised but for the world as a whole.” 

Well done gE4 Athens! Keep up the good work. We could not be prouder!