What is it?

The project awards a symbolic passport, laissez-passer, to distinguished European talents with study or work mobility experiences. The laissez-passer then gives its holders tangible benefits and opportunities in their professional lives.

El goal of the passport is to create a connection between the Erasmus generation and privates, companies, recruiters and philanthropists that want to support the most important programme of the European Union of the last years. During this project we want to involve the former Erasmus and tell their stories to the civil society, helping them with the development of their professional life.

​The new 2019 edition

Thanks to the support of the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA), the garagErasmus Foundation will be able to bring the 2019 edition in several countries in Europe: in fact, together with Universities and other organizations (among which the other ESAA founders ESN, EMA and OCEANS) more than 15 events around Europe have been planned and will take place from the 22nd of February and the 15th of May, closing date of the competition.

The kick-off of this second edition is simbolically very important: the launch of Laissez-Passer will take place in Belgrade, where the Director of garagErasmus, Carlo Bitetto, will introduce during the “Alumni Contact Seminar” the concept of this incoming edition. The Golden Laissez Passer, with its 3.000€ prize value, will be assigned to the most innovative idea coming from a talent of the Erasmus Generation. The final decision will be done by the Universities Foundation member of garagErasmus during the gala night on the 6th of June in Malaga, Spain. But, first, the proposals will be evaluated by the Erasmus online community, that will select the 6 finalists.

The choice of Serbia as the first Country that will “meet” the Laissez-Passer, follows the agreement that has recent brought the beautiful Balkan Country to become a programme Country of Erasmus+. The launch will be done during the “Alumni contact seminar”, organized by Erasmus Student Network Serbia and the Western Balkans Alumni Association, that will take place on 22nd of February at the EU info center in Belgrade. It will gather 50 alumni of Erasmus and other exchange programmes with the aim to strengthen the WBAA network, share ideas and plan future activities, and raise awareness about opportunities of Erasmus+ and other EU programmes.


The Laissez-Passer 2018 involved more than 500 talents coming from 37 Countries in the world, whose innovative ideas were voted by 15.000 former Erasmus students. The jury of the final night, composed by 33 Universities, during the gala event, chose the idea of Kostantinos Maragkos, as the winning proposal. Therefore, Kostantinos had the needed support to perform the project “We Afrihug” that brought, in 2018, educational and exchange opportuinities outside Europe, through 7 seminars organized in 7 African Countries. The success of We Afrihug was so clear that Kostantinos and his team will have the opportunity, thanks to new funds, to develop a follow up of the project in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda.