For the project From School to EU, students from three different European countries, Liceo Leonardo da Vinci in Italy, OGEC Françoise Cabrini in France and IES Etxebarri BHI in Spain, had the chance to discuss with their international counterparts and team up with them to create three different project proposals, based on three very actual and important topics:

  • Eco-sustainability in schools
  • Social inclusion in local communities
  • Digital policies for young people

The most convincing propoal will give students the chance to present it to a MEP in Brussels and participate to a trip to Brussels to get to know EU institutions up close in November. These proposals have then been summarized into three different videos, posted on garagErasmus’ instagram, @garagerasmus_foundation

To decretate the winner, two elements will be considered: the opinion of an external jury and the number of likes on Instagram for each video. The winning proposal will be determined in September.

Have a look at the videos and like whichever is the most convincing to you.

The project has been implemented by: garagErasmus ASBL, Liceo Leonardo da Vinci, OGEC Françoise Cabrini and IES Etxebarri BHI. Co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme.