Are you from the South of Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece) and do you work as a teacher at university? Anything from being a student assistant, a PhD candidate, a teacher on a temporary contract – and are you under 40?

We’d like to get in touch with you, to give you the opportunity to voice your ideas in the largest citizen consultation ever in Europe! The event is great to network too, we will launch a South European Network for University Teachers.

How has ‘emergency education’ been for you? Your workload? Going in and out of lockdowns and in and out of online teaching? Do you feel equipped for that? How do you feel about your own resilience? And that of your peers? Do you sense teacher training would help you? Can you access it? What should it look like?

Join us our event to enter into dialogue and debates on your own resilience, and the (non)sense of teacher training Immerse yourself in a space online with some 25 participants, experts from northern and southern Europe, to better understand the issues and to formulate policy recommendations for the European level – policies that affect you, and with you also new teachers that come after you

Everything you say is treated confidentially – we don’t record the meeting so everyone feels free – your voice is used anonymously in a report, but also a podcast.

Let us know for anything and especially if you would like to receive an exclusive invitation to book your ticket. We will brief you on anything you need to know once you register.