Our second event in the framework of the EUth Pages for Europe project in Portugal will take place on Saturday 11 December (3PM) at the Lions Club of Senhora da Hora, and will focus on debating how telework enables a greater integration between the EU member states.

The main speakers of the first part of the event will be:

  • Pedro Bacelar, operations director of the company “Nutrium”;
  • Marco António Ribeiro, animator and producer at “Radio ARA”, in Luxembourg
  • Nuno Carneiro, product manager at the company “OutSystems

This session will be followed by a short coffee break, and a debate on the subject aiming at the public participation will be open. Once the debate is over, the closing session will take place, including the participation of:

  • Leonardo Fernandes, President of the Parish Councils of Senhora da Hora and São Mamede Infesta
  • Carlos Mouta, Mayor´s Vice-President of Matosinhos
  • Manuel Pizarro, Member of the European Parliament

Don’t miss this opportunity to debate the future of Europe, in order to enrich the discussion within the values and principles that unite us.