Local Events

Involving the international and local communities in the discussions about the most important challenges the European Union is facing!


Events carried out so far

Šibenik, Croatia


Future of Youth in the EU

Our first event followed a blended format, and explained the Conference’s activities and the existing EU programmes & actions in the field of youth (Erasmus+ but also ALMA, Horizon Europe or the European Solidarity Corps, as well as other EP programmes in Croatia such as “Euroškola”, and “Škola Europskog parlamenta”, the “Zajednoza.eu” platform and the Youth Guarantee effort) to the local community of the Šibenik-Knin county in Croatia. The Vice President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography Dubravka Šuica intervened with a video message.

Ambassador: Caterina RENDE
Blended event: 38 attendees + over 250 people attending it online

Prague, Czechia


How can society help visually handicapped people?

During this event, youngsters attended a workshop about “blind film” and they also had a debate with the expert Iva Kuchynkova about what the EU can do to help visually handicapped people. The event was co-organized with Charita Česká republika and was attended by several experts.

Ambassador: Pavel RUZYAK
Offline event: 8 attendees

Sorrento, Italy


Posidonia: The necessity of saving the guardian of the marine ecosystem

This event was aimed at young citizens who are passionate about the sea and interested in engaging in ecological behaviours. The example of posydonia conducted participants to debate pan-European solutions to save the marine ecosystem. The event was coorganised with BookSophia, Festival della Classicità & Project MARE.

Ambassador: Elisabetta DE SIMONE
Offline event: 64 participants

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain


Europe & Mental Health among Teenagers

Open workshop for young people focusing on the importance of mental health: they could learn in a fun environment ways to reduce anxiety and feel better as well as interchanging opinions on the future of Europe in relation to mental health, well-being and youth. The event was presented by the Youth City Councilor Noemi Fernandez.

Offline event: 18 participants

Totana, Spain


For a Sustainable Europe

This EUth Pages for Europe event aimed at promoting sustainable solutions for Europe between teenageers at the IES Juan Cierva Codorniu school at Totana, Spain. It counted with the participation of the MEPs Pilar del Castillo & Marcos Ros Sempere, the President of Consejo Autonómico del Movimiento Europeo en la Región de Murcia Teresa Allepuz Ros.

Ambassador: Maria José GARCIA CANO
Offline event: 60 participants

Rome, Italy

17/11/2021, 24/11/2021 & 01/12/2021

Europe of the Future

A series of think tank simulations was organised in Rome by our ambassador Héloise Dubois. During the discussions, participants described the Europe of the future in two main ways. The first one was about Europe becoming a space of exchanges and playing a role in changing citizens’ perspective on shared problems. And the second one was about a Europe of shared values, achieved by changing what we put at the basis of our society.

Ambassador: Héloise Dubois
Offline series of events: 31 participants

Dublin, Ireland


Boost your business idea!

This event presented many funding opportunities that the Erasmus+ programme could offer to the young entrepreneurs and how the programme could help them to reach their projects. Participants who attended it also brought their proposals on jobs, social justice, growth and investment for a stronger economy in the framework of the CoFoE debates. The event was organised in close cooperation with ENACTUS at the Trinity College in Dublin.

Ambassador: Areti Vasmatzoglou
Offline event: 15 participants

Lisbon, Portugal


Gender Violence and Discrimination

On the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence on 25 November, we had our first EUthPages for Europe grassroots event in Portugal. An opportunity to raise awareness about the constant discrimination suffered by millions of women simply because they are women, both within and outside the borders of the European Union, with a particular focus on social media.

Ambassador: Raquel Lopes
Offline event: 65 participants

Milan, Italy


Connecting Europe to young people

Youth policies at the local, national level in Italy and EU were presented in the framework of the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and the 11 EU Youth Goals. During a whole day, group activities, plenary discussions and other non-formal education tools were held by a team of volunteers of our local organisation in Milan.

Offline event: 28 participants

Matosinhos, Portugal


Telework & European Integration

Our second EUth Pages for Europe event promoting the COFOE in Portugal was dedicated to debating on how telework enables a greater integration between the EU member states. The event was divided into two sessions with different speakers for each. Thus, the participants were able to debate over the Future of Europe with the speakers to enrich the discussion within the values and principles that unites European citizens.

Ambassador: Catarina Vilarinho
Blended event: 31 participants

Zagreb, Croatia


EU4ME & YOU: Union of Opportunities

This two-day conference enabled the students of the Republic of Croatia to learn more about all the opportunities available to them and become aware of the importance of their involvement as European citizens in close cooperation with the Croatian Academic Association of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Ambassador: Ivana Kos
Offline event: 65 participants

Karlsruhe, Germany


The Challenge and Future of Europe

More than 50 participants took part in a discussion on proposed European solutions to challenges such as: COVID-19 pandemic, the climate change, the refugee crisis, the minimum wage in the EU, the research and innovation and the energy crisis. Initially conceived as an offline event, it had to be organised on Zoom due to the COVID-19 fourth wave in Germany.

Ambassador: Zhibo Zhao
Online event: +50 participants

Kos, Greece


Debate on Sports and Mental Wellbeing

Event organised in collaboration with Esperos B.C. KOS and the Municipality of Kos under the auspices of the Hellenic BasketBall Federation. Experienced sports and psychology personalities presented how sport can be the means for emotional promotion and mental health wellness of Europe’s young citizens.

Ambassador: Eleftheria Sketou
Offline event: 166 participants

Many cities in Latvia


High-School visits in Latvia

A series of 3 events was organised in different schools in Latvia. Active youngsters visited three different schools at the cities of Skaistkalne, Dobele and Ergļi to gather their proposals for the Future of Europe & introduce them to some EU success cases, such as the Erasmus+ programme.

Ambassador: Ance Mālkalna
Online & offline series of events: 90 participants

Tnrava, Slovakia


Share your ideas for the Future of Europe!

Participatory meeting gathering the opinion of high school and university students as well as active citizens at the Slovakian town of Trnava (65.000 inhabitants), giving them the opportunity to voice their demands for the future of Europe. Organised in close cooperation with SYTEV, Slovak Youth for Travelling, Education and Volunteering.

Ambassador: Lukáš Hrošovský
Offline event: 30 participants

Sassuolo, Italy


New challenges for the Ecological Transition

The fight against climate change is one of the urgent issues for the European Union and the world. To achieve a better world for everyone requires a strategy in which Europe can continue to play a leading role towards sustainability and climate neutrality. In this blended event we analysed the good practices of the Italian ceramics industry and stakeholders brought their proposals for a carbon-neutral future.

Ambassador: Klaudia Haskaj
Blended event

Siena, Italy


Youth engagement and new Erasmus programme

Event held in the context of the EU Year of Youth and the new Erasmus+ programme and its 35th anniversary. Discussions were held following its three horizontal priorities: inclusion and diversity, digital transformation and fight against climate change. Participants gathered by ESN Siena voiced their demands for the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Ambassador: Sara Tagliabracci
Offline event: 13 participants

Utrecht, Netherlands


Youth engagement and new Erasmus programme

Last Friday 25 February we empowered young 40- university teachers to voice their needs and dreams for the next and the future of Europe generation with the support of a variety of experts intersecting across generations, and the North & the South of Europe.

Ambassadors: Tikvah Breimer and Francesca Brunner
Online Event: 18 participants

Varna, Bulgaria


Youth for the Future of Europe

Our gE4Cities local group in Varna organised this local event aimed at gathering solutions and proposals to face brain drain in small & medium-sized cities in the Danube region, particularly in the fields of inclusive education, youth entrepreneurship, a more inclusive and fairer economy and boosting jobs.

Ambassador: Yoanna Ivanovna
Offline event.

Timisoara, Romania


Europe for everyone – Be Erasmus Change your life about youth and Europe

During the event it was discussed about opportunities for students through the Erasmus+ program, about the benefits of being part of the European Union, the advantages for every citizen and how everyone can participate in the elections. And finally the project was presented and how everyone can participate.

With a very high number of participants the event had a very high quality information and further action are now planned in order to empower the new generation.

Ambassador: Eugen Cătălin Zoican
Offline event.

France, Saint-Malo


European Youth Parliament

National Session France

In Saint-Malo, France, on April 17, was held our EUTH Pages project event “European Youth Parliament – Natinoal Session France”.

Ambassador: Geraldine Kuhn
Offline event: 44 participants

Budapest, Hungary


Protecting Our Democracies: Conference on the Future of Europe

On April 29, our EUTH Pages project event “Protecting Our Democracies: Conference on the Future of Europe” was held in Budapest, Hungary.

Young people had the opportunity to express their ideas for strengthening and protecting democracy in the European Union.

Ambassador: Ayyan Anwar
Offline event: 42 participants

Poland, Katowice


The future is yours: The role of sport in the future of Europe

The objective of the event was to generate discussion among the participants and was divided into two interrelated parts: the future of europe, immigration and integration + sport as an integrating agent of society.

Once the debate was over we proceeded to share our experience in how we help to integrate the local community with different migrant communities.

Ambassador: Marco Cillepi
Offline event: 23 participants

Denmark, Odense


Future of Europe through food

On May 3rd, our EUTH Pages ambassador organized a dinner where participants discussed in tables various topics. The participants came from several EU countries and with different cultural and academic backgrounds. The topics presented for them to discuss where on the following themes:
• European Democracy
• Education, culture, youth, and sport in Europe
• Climate change and the environment

Ambassador: Piero Maria Gentilini
Offline event: 16 participants

Cyprus, Nicosa


How does youth perceive the future of the democratic process in Cyprus?

Organised by Oxygono and GaragErasmus Foundation, the event of the Conference on the Future of Europe in Cyprus, the “EUth Pages for Europe” has taken place successfully at the Home For Cooperation on Friday, the 6th of May. The main topic that we have focused on during the whole discussion was the place of young people in the democratic processes both in Cyprus and Europe and the ways to contribute to their further involvement. The participants were from both sides of Cyprus, coming from different backgrounds which was a positive aspect of our event. We have privileged the interactivity and thus had a participatory workshop, which in turn has enabled all the participants to express themselves and share their opinions freely.

Ambassador: Nicolas Kyriakides
Offline event: 15 participants

The project was co-financed by the European Union in the frame of the European Parliament’s grant programme in “Youth engagement on the Conference of the future of Europe”. The European Parliament was not involved in its preparation and is, in no case, responsible for or bound by the information or opinions expressed in the context of this project. In accordance with applicable law, the authors, interviewed people, publishers or programme broadcasters are solely responsible. The European Parliament can also not be held liable for direct or indirect damage that may result from the implementation of the project.