As part of the P.IR.A.M.iD. (Path for Intercultural Awareness, Measurement and Development) project, the Bulgarian Industrial Association, with the support of Elidea Psicologi Associati, has published a questionnaire designed to explore the main difficulties faced by individuals when interacting with people from different cultures. This questionnaire serves as a first step in understanding the specific challenges faced by individuals in intercultural contexts.

Through this questionnaire, participants are encouraged to reflect on their personal experiences and encounters with cultural diversity, while also exploring the main difficulties encountered in these exchanges. It also gathers information on what people would prefer in terms of educational tools to improve their intercultural skills.

By gathering insights from a diverse pool of respondents, including VET students, teachers, tourism professionals and individuals from different cultural backgrounds, the questionnaire aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the intercultural landscape.

The results of the questionnaire will serve as a cornerstone for the development of training activities tailored to address the identified challenges and enhance the intercultural awareness and skills of the target groups.

In addition, the findings from the questionnaire will inform the development of assessment tools to measure intercultural competencies. By providing a systematic framework for assessing intercultural competence, P.IR.A.M.iD. aims to enable educational institutions, tourism companies and professionals to systematically assess and strengthen their intercultural skills.

This project is being implemented by: Tribeka Training Lab SLU, Elidea Psicologi Associati, garagErasmus ASBL, Balgarska Stopanska Kamara (Bulgarian Industrial Association, Agenzia Regionale LAB.