On 8 April 2024, in the context of the Digital Life Learning project, People Behind, an organization based in Athens, organised a training for young students on how to teach digital literacy to older adults. The training was in collaboration with a vocational center in Athens – SVIE – with whom People Behind had already collaborated in the past. Through innovative exercises and games, trainers were able to understand how younger people perceive old age, and in turn, were able to teach techniques and methods to better approach individuals aged 65 and above, delve into their needs and integrate them into the digital world.

Throughout the training sessions, People Behind gathered useful information and experiences, that will go to the other partners of the project to improve the level of education for trainers of older individuals at a European level.

The training will be followed by the training for older people by the young students, which will take place in the next few weeks in Kypseli Municipal Market.