garagErasmus is thrilled to be part of the brand-new project EC(h)O-CULTURES (ECHOCULT) (101147953 CERV), a project that will involve three different countries (Italy, Spain and Belgium) to fight against climate change through local communities.

Children, young adults, and adults will be involved in formal and non-formal activities in Vicenza (IT), Cordoba (ES) and Brussels (BE), while gathering policy suggestions for the future of Europe with a transnational approach. The goal of the project is to contribute to the creation of eco-sustainable cultures.

ECHOCULT aims to contribute to boosting and valorizing the central role of citizens in tackling the 2030 Agenda, the Green Deal objectives, and overall environmental priorities. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase awareness and knowledge need for soft skills and green skills.

The goals will be reached through multiple online and offline activities for different target groups. For example:

  • children and young adults there will be: ECO-summer camps, future labs, workshops;
  • young adults: ECO-summer camps, workshops, clothes swap, events, training events, etc.
  • adults: workshops with vegan cooking shows, debates on climate change, evening aperitifs on eco-environmental issues:
  • policymakers and local stakeholders: e-book gathering policy suggestions with solutions gathered directly from citizens from different EU countries.

The project is implemented by: Capta, Oasi dei Lecci, ARCI, XUL and garagErasmus ASBL.

Project co-funded by the European Union