In May 2024, the final conference of Le + d’Erasmus, jointly organized by garagErasmus and AEF-Europe, unfolded in Brussels, offering a platform to explore the profound impact of Erasmus+ on skills development in Europe.

The conference commenced with a warm welcome as participants registered for the event and enjoyed a light lunch, setting the stage for an afternoon of learning and collaboration. Fanny Lutz, Director of AEF-Europe, Laurent Despy, Director of ARES, and Nunzia Di Francesco, project officer of garagErasmus, delivered opening remarks, setting the tone for the conference and highlighting the significance of Erasmus+ in fostering skills development and cross-cultural exchange.

A pivotal session focused on soft skills and employability, featuring testimonials from Erasmus+ alumni of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Lina Martorana, Chair of the Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Commission at ARES, provided valuable insights into the role of Erasmus+ in enhancing employability and lifelong learning.

The discussion shifted towards the validation and recognition of skills, with presentations by Patrick Meuwissen, responsible for the Centre Europass FW.-B at AEF-Europe, and Céline Jambon, Policy Officer at DG EMPL – European Commission. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the importance of Europass and microcredentials in acknowledging the soft skills acquired through Erasmus+ experiences.

Martina Altea Bellinzona from the University of Pavia shed light on an ongoing project focused on the recognition of green skills, BRIGHTS, followed by Ms. Jambon who shared closing remarks on the end of the European Year of Skills, exploring the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the realm of skills development.  The conference concluded with networking drinks, providing attendees with an opportunity to connect, share ideas, and forge meaningful collaborations.

The final conference of Le + d’Erasmus served as a fitting culmination of a collaborative effort to celebrate and explore the transformative impact of Erasmus+ on soft skills development in Europe. From soft skills and employability to validation and recognition, the agenda covered a spectrum of topics crucial to understanding the role of Erasmus+ in shaping the future workforce.

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