On 23 February 2019, garagErasmus participated in the Annual General Assembly of the Erasmus Mundus Association in Vienna.

We were delighted to accept the invitation of our partner to join their important meeting to learn more about the way EMA works, its membership and activities. GaragErasmus participation at the event was possible thanks to the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Alliance, of whom EMA and gE are both founding members. Within the alliance, GE and EMA strive to create more and more bridges between the two organisations, so as to bring greater and more diversified benefits to all their members. It was for this purpose that Francesco Guerzoni, gE’s policy manager, presented our foundation at the EMA GA plenary along with its main activities and ESAA-funded projects (i.e. Laissez-Passer 2019). The feedback received and the contextual bilateral talks with EMA’s steering committee members leave no doubt that the future of the cooperation between the our two allied organisations is looking bright.

Guerzoni states: “When I was at the EMA General Assembly, I immediately realized how important it is for our alumni networks to get in touch directly with each-other. Thanks to ESAA this is possible and we need to make full use of this opportunity. The community I found at the GA was energic and vibrant (or I should say #EMAzing!) and it leaves me no doubt about the huge potential for joint activities between garagErasmus and EMA. In Vienna, we moved a step forward in this direction.”