On 5 and 7 May, garagErasmus attended the Festival d’Europa 2023 in Firenze, thanks to the invite of the Italian National Agency for Erasmus INDIRE. It started with our director Valentina Presa‘s intervention at the conference SOU4YOU in the wonderful frame of Palazzo Vecchio, organized by the European University Institute, on how Erasmus Plus can boost your career decisions and change your life. garagErasmus then moved to Piazza della Repubblica, at the INDIRE stand, hosting the game Play With Europe that entertained and educated the many children that solved its puzzle as well as the adults participating to our quizzes. Finally, Valentina Presa presented the project Erasmus City in the discussion at the stand about affordable rent and social inclusion in the city of Milan.
We thank INDIRE agency for hosting us among their celebrations of the EU and Erasmus+!