garagErasmus Foundation operational team would like to encourage you to protect yourself and the others by staying home until the Coronavirus outbreak improves.

In this sense, we also would like to ask you to support the “Non Lasciamo Indietro Nessuno” fundraising campaign. Collected funds will be “step by step” donated to hospitals in greatest difficulty, to give an adequate response to the containment of the epidemic and to the world of research. 

garagErasmus would like to encourage everyone to follow only the official news and communications coming from competent institutions and media. In these sense, he highly recommend to follow carefully the World Health Organization (WHO) updates and instructions, the ones from the Health Ministries of each country as well as the Official European Commission resources.

We also encourage you to follow our tips below and share them on social media. They will help you to make your life easier during the quarantine period we are living!