Pisa, 19th October 2015 – garagErasmus Foundation in collaboration with Università di Pisa, Città di Pisa, Camera di Commercio di Pisa, Camera di Commercio di Lucca, Camera di Commercio di Livorno and Camera di Commercio di Massa e Carrara organised the event garagErasmus4Tuscany Welcome Day. 

garagErasmus4Tuscany is an initiative that aims to make international students aware of their local environment and to promote the strengths and economic potential of the territory. This Welcome Day event, as the first step of this greater initiative, gave the the chance to international students and researchers in Pisa to discover what the territory has to offer them, to make contacts with local businesses and to find present and/or future job opportunities. The message garagErasmus Foundation successfully conveyed during the event is that talents and competences gained from international experience are of great appeal to local enterprises that want to internationalise.  Similarly, as international students living and studying in the region of Tuscany, they can play a significant role in the development of our territory. During the welcome day, we presented the project goals and upcoming activities for this academic year, which include organized visits to local companies and innovative start-ups. You can download the calendar of the visits ici.

Furthermore, garagErasmus presented its online platform Check-in Europe – the professional network of the Erasmus generation. Updates regarding garaGerasmus4Tuscany will be also published on Check-in Europe.

We could count with the presence of the following valuable speakers:

Roberto Barale, Deputy Dean for Scientific Research
Marco Filippeschi, Mayor of Pisa City
Cristina Martelli, General Secretary of Camera di Commercio di Pisa

tefano Giovannelli, Director of Toscana Promozione
Paolo Ferragina, Deputy Dean for Applied Research and Innovation at Università di Pisa
Roberto Camisi, General Secretary of Camera di Commercio di Lucca
Lucia Magneschi, Council Member of Regione Toscana and Pisa City Council Member for Culture, Research and Higher Education
Marilù Chiofalo, Pisa City Council Member
Francesco Cappè, Executive Director of garagErasmus Foundation
Lia Chiara Miccichè, Director of Operations of garagErasmus Foundation

Prof. Katherine Isaacs moderated the event.