For the second consecutive edition garagErasmus took part in the meeting organised by Ente Friuli nel Mondo: “Italians Abroad & Internationals in FVG!”

garagErasmus is delighted to share our participation in the second meeting with the Network of Young Emigrants from Friuli Venezia Giulia in Europe, themed “Italians Abroad & Internationals in FVG!”. The event, held at the Paolino d’Aquileia Cultural Center in Udine, was organised by the Friuli nel Mondo Institute in collaboration with other asociations of fellow regional citizens abroad. It was tailored for university and high school students interested in pursuing temporary experiences abroad.

The morning started with engaging discussions on exchanges and job opportunities. Mauro Bordin, President of the Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia, delivered institutional greetings, stressing the significance of international experiences while expressing hope for a swift return to the region. Arianna Facchini, Councilor for Youth Policies and Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Udine, shared her insightful study abroad journey. Luigi Papais, the project’s representative, skillfully introduced the first working session, moderated by Marino Firmani. Distinguished speakers, including Federica Fabbro from Erasmus Mobility Traineeship at the University of Udine, Giampaolo Tarpignati from Eurodesk and the European Solidarity Corps, Alice Nardin – WEP Programs Consultant, Rigona Hasani, and Eleonora Tomat – Info Civil Service FVG, delved into various study and internship opportunities abroad.

The second part featured a captivating roundtable discussion, where Luigi Briatore from garagErasmus and Claudia Vernotti discussed the international experience that brought them to Brussels while Daniela Scarabino, connected from Madrid, shared her enriching experiences as cultural manager.

In addition to the engaging discussions,  the Information Market of the University of Udine’s International Relations and Tutoring Office, Eurodesk, and the European Solidarity Corps, Info Civil Service FVG, garagErasmus, WEP Exchange, and Young Expatriates from Friuli Venezia Giulia remained active and available to students interested in European destinations where they currently reside.

garagErasmus is glad to have been an active participant in this event, contributing to the exchange of valuable insights and opportunities for young individuals exploring European destinations for their experiences. We look forward to continued collaboration and remain dedicated to supporting the aspirations of the youth in the region and beyond.