Local Associations

Is your mission in line with our spirit? Become a local referral point of the Erasmus generation professional network (garagErasmus4city) local group!

Benefits of joining our platform!

Our local associations are not requested to pay any fee to be affiliated to our network.

In exchange, gE is expecting an active engagement role from their side!

We pursue our mission by bringing our community together online. gE community is hosted on WeTipp, a web platform designed to engage community members based on their skills and interests.

If you would like to join us online, please register on our WeTipp web platform by creating a personal profile and you will be directed to gE community page – a virtual meeting point for mobile talents, companies and universities.

1. Become an active partner of the Erasmus Generation professional network recognised by the European Commission

You will become an official active partner and supporter of an international project of social innovation already supported by 24 Universities and many international cities, private companies and Institutions committed to foster a closer and more dynamic Europe. garagErasmus is the only recognised platform by the European Commission to work on establishing the Erasmus generation professional network. 

In fact since 2016 once a person is finishing his/her Erasmus experience is automatically invited to register on garagErasmus on-line platform.

2. Territorial Branding

You will obtain your customized and personalised profile on the garagErasmus on-line platform (including a personalised URL) & you will be associated to a community that is widely recognised as an agent of change in Europe.

3. Fundraising Opportunities

Your association will benefit of a membership card to associate your local garagErasmus community. In case your association intend to play an active role to involve local universities, companies and your city, the 50% of their membership fee will be returned to your association to strengthen your local activities while the remaining will support the central international activities of the foundation.

Your association can independently promote and fully benefit of local fundraising while will receive coordination support from the gE foundation in case of international fundraising, and it will be a privileged partner of garagErasmus for projects of social innovations, CSR, institutional visibility with the EU and with international and national institutions. 

4. Unlimited possibilities to organise and advertise your events and attract mobile talents

You will have the unique opportunity to engage this community on the content preparation of local events, advertise and get close to the best “life-changing community” in Europe.

5. garagErasmus on-line platform will offer you the possibility to engage with this mobile talent community by:

  1. Opening innovation initiatives;
  2. Identifying partners for project ideas;
  3. Posting relevant content and promoting events.

6. Analytics and reports will be regularly shared with you

7.Active participation in shaping garagErasmus on-line tools and off-line initiatives to better match your needs

By becoming affiliated to garagErasmus, as “garagErasmus4city” you will be recognised by the garagErasmus Board of Directors as Foundation member. As Foundation member your association can send a representative to participate to the General Assembly/Annual meeting of the garagErasmus foundation, together with the other Foundation member’ representatives (universities, cities, private companies, local associations). This imply:

  1. Receiving an up-date and discussing the garagErasmus development strategy;
  2. Suggesting new on-line functionalities and projects tools that better match your association specific needs;
  3. Innovative Networking.

    8. Obtaining a priveledged discount to adapt our online engagement technology to strengthen your association

    9. Access to the Erasmus+ Student & Alumni Alliance (ESAA)

    Associations affiliated to the garagErasmus Foundation will have access to the calls and funds of ESAA.

    gE4Cities map

    Que sont les gE4 ?

    Nous encourageons les membres de la génération Erasmus à travers l'Europe à créer des associations garagErasmus locales - appelées gE4Cities. Ces groupes sont les ancrages locaux de la Fondation et du réseau professionnel de la Génération Erasmus. Ils organisent des événements indépendants ainsi que de grandes rencontres, engageant d'anciens Erasmus dans toute l'Europe et permettant un contact en face à face avec des entreprises locales, des sociétés de recrutement, des mentors et d'autres sujets intéressés.

    ​All members of the Erasmus Generation can create a gE4!  A gE4 can be created within the framework of an existing association that is active within its specific city or region and takes its name from its host city, for instance: garagErasmus4LisbonIl adopte un statut qui inclut des droits et responsabilités communs et reflète la mission globale de garagErasmus.

    Vous souhaitez rejoindre notre réseau ?

    La Fondation garagErasmus recherche des membres enthousiastes, professionnels et indépendants de la génération Erasmus pour faire partie de l'initiative. Nous tendons la main à des personnes ambitieuses qui peuvent faire de garagErasmus dans leur ville une start-up sociale concrète en lançant une association garagErasmus locale – une gE4City. Ces associations organiseront des activités locales et construiront un réseau solide avec de nombreuses opportunités de partenariats et de croissance. Les gE4 organisent des événements indépendants ainsi que de grandes rencontres dans les aéroports, engageant d'anciens Erasmus dans toute l'Europe et permettant un contact en face à face avec la communauté d'affaires locale, les sociétés de recrutement, etc. La Fondation aide à démarrer l'association locale et la relie au niveau national et européen plus large.

    Envoyez-nous votre proposition pour un groupe local gE4Cities !

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