On the 26th of June, garagErasmus had the opportunity to meet with a number of stakeholders and international organizations in Brussels for the Handshake project.
On this occasion, we had the possibility to discuss the Handshake project, which aims to promote social inclusion and intercultural dialogue among young expats living and working in different European cities.

We also highlighted the main challenges that Brussels, as one of the most important cities in Europe, presents to expats, such as finding affordable housing, learning the local languages, accessing public services, and integrating into the diverse communities, as well as gathered valuable feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our social inclusion work.

The Handshake project is dedicated to integrating expatriates into local life by building a useful web platform that centralizes all the necessary information in all EU languages, promoting inclusion and social citizenship.

The Handshake project was able to be carried out thanks to the participation and collaboration of garagErasmus and the Hippocrene Foundation, as well as Erasmus +, which has funded the project.