On  June 15th, the local Pro Loco of Gravina di Puglia, in the Apulian region, hosted the first event of ITS a Great Opportunity.

The gathering brought together future tourism professionals, including students and workers, along with representatives from garagErasmus, ITS Turismo Puglia a former student of this latter.

The main goal of the event was to introduce to future tourism professionals the ITS educational offer and the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities offered by those academies.

During the event, Carlo Bitetto, our Network Manager, presented the activities and projects of garagErasmus, and he highlighted to the audience the Erasmus+ mobilities opportunities offered by the Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+ INDIRE.

Moreover, one of the “ITS a Great Opportunity” ambassadors shared his experience at the ITS Turismo Puglia in Lecce. He shared its educational path and explained to the audience the benefits of studying with them.

The event was a unique opportunity to understand how ITS work in Italy and to discuss about how they will evolve in the near future.