Lia Chiara Micciche’ has been selected as Erasmus Ambassador for Tuscany. We asked her what Erasmus has meant to her throughout her successful career.


“Erasmus+ totally rocked my world! It opened up so many doors and opportunities for me that I never thought possible. When I went to Deusto University in Bilbao for my Erasmus+ experience, little did I know that it would be the start of an amazing journey. After Bilbao, I got into European project writing in Rome, and this allowed me to travel the world and have incredible experiences. It was such a blast, and it made me realize that I could make a real difference in the world.

In 2013, I co-founded the Garagerasmus Foundation, and I became the Director of Operations. I was determined to give back and help others experience the same life-changing opportunities that I did through Erasmus+.

Recently, in 2020, I started Limeup, a social enterprise that specializes in European projects. And guess what? We are managing four Erasmus+ projects! I feel so honored and
proud to be part of this amazing programme, and I am thrilled to give others the same opportunities that I had.

Erasmus+ has transformed my life in so many ways. It has given me the skills and experiences I needed to launch my own social enterprise. And I have met so many amazing people and made lifelong friends from all over the world.  Plus, I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for different cultures, which has been priceless. Erasmus+ has not only transformed my life but has also contributed significantly to the European integration process by promoting cross-border mobility, cultural understanding, and academic excellence. As an Erasmus+ Ambassador, I am committed to promoting the program’s values and ensuring that more individuals can benefit from its life-changing opportunities, thereby strengthening the bonds between European nations.”  – Lia Chiara Micciche’