The Book

Generazione Erasmus: l’Italia dalle nuove idee

Would you like to read it?

A book written in Italy by former Erasmus about the Erasmus Generation and their approach to the world, introduced by Hywel Ceri Jones, creator of the Erasmus programme at the European Commission during the 1970s.

This book aims to focus on three elements: energy, education and the idea.

  • Energy: the advantage of an earlier age that looks at this period of stagnation as an opportunity.
  • Training: what Europe bet on when it invested hope and millions into study programmes such as Erasmus (among others) when struck with brilliant insight into a form that read beyond the boundaries established in the middle of the ’60s and destined to soon be swept away.
  • And lastly, an idea that put a comparison between left and right in the history books, along with an internationalist approach (management model inclusion) as opposed to a localist approach (management model exclusion.

We want to look to the future in a constructive and positive way, confident that we were prepared to do so. For this reason, the path of readings and insights opens with a preface by Hywel Ceri Jones, founder of the Erasmus programme: 2 million students, 33 countries (5 candidates), and more than 2,200 participating universities. A challenge is won, and you should start from here!

This book is addressed to all those who “decide” in various capacities in the political sphere and to others, academics or those just interested, who have the future of our country at heart.