garagErasmus signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Erasmus Students Network (ESN), the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) and the OCEANS Network in January 2019.

It is conceived to foster cooperation among its signatories in the framework of the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Alliance, supported by the European Commission. For garagErasmus members’ it means more opportunities from future joint projects and a strengthening of the network. 

The scope of the Memorandum of Understanding is based on the objectives of the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Alliance and provides a framework to undertake future projects together to achieve them.

Strengthening higher education quality

Enhance and strengthen European Higher Education through the skill development of students.

Spreading Erasmus+ and widening participation

Promote the Erasmus+ Programme and increase visibility and participation across the world in both Erasmus programme & partner countries. Different target groups define the different approaches & focus given to the type of Erasmus+ promotion.

Social Inclusion, Empowerment & Participation (Social Impact)

Empower young people to be active global citizens, improve intercultural understanding and cross-cultural communication and advocate for social inclusion and equality.

Capacity Building

Build capacity and train the ESAA Member Organisations and their volunteers in topics central to the provision of support at the Organisations’ grassroots levels.