On June 27-28, garagErasmus Foundation organised the Learning Garage – Capacity Building 2024 event at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Milan, gathering participants coming from Europe and beyond: Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Nigeria, France, Poland, and more! This gathering of gE4Cities representatives was marked by a shared enthusiasm for networking and acquiring impactful skills to benefit their organization and professional path.

This year, over thirty participants joined the garagErasmus Learning Garage – Capacity Building. Across the two days, participants had the opportunity to learn the art of videomaking, find out about the communication strategies and campaigns used to promote the European Elections and learn techniques to pitch to the press and institutions to promote their multiplier events and more.

27th of June: the art of videomaking, gE4Cities and gE ongoing and upcoming projects

The first-day kicked-off with a short presentation provided by Carlo Bitetto, Network Manager at garagErasmus, which shared an insight about current and future projects implemented by the Foundation.

Later on, the event continued with the insightful training “The Art of Videomaking” provided by Marco Cassini, Italian movie director and actor. During his three-hour workshops, he trained the participants on how to direct a movie, sharing various movie-directing techniques, and then guiding them to create a one-minute video to tell a story of their choice. Through this workshop, the participants learned more about the importance of storytelling and motivation, while the exercise provided by the trainer encouraged active participation and team building.

The first day concluded with a short presentation of the ongoing and next projects of the gE4Cities organizations, offering participants insights about the roles of different organizations, to facilitate networking.


28th of June: communication strategies and how to reach the press

Day two began with the “Before and after the European Elections: how to move forward” panel hosted by Maurizio Molinari, Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Milan. Through his presentation and dynamic Q&A session, participants gained valuable insights into the EU and Italy’s communication strategies to promote the European Elections. Moreover, Molinari discussed how the conversation around the elections will continue in Italy, in order to let citizens know more about the European Union. He also initiated a discussion on democracy and voting, encouraging participants to reflect and ask questions.

The last panel of the day, “Local event promotion: effective pitching to institutions and press” was hosted by Emanuele Pilloni, PR and Media Relations Manager. During his two-hour workshop, Pilloni explained his job responsibilities and shared relevant case studies with the audience. He provided valuable insights on how to effectively reach local press, HEIs, and to promote organizations’ events to reach a wider audience.

We are grateful for everyone who took part in the event, reaffirming our commitment to collaborating to empower the Erasmus Generation!