Last week (31 January – 4 June 2021) garagEramus Foundation and the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE organised the second edition of the Learning Garage, one of the three pillars of THE + OF ERASMUS project, intended at promoting job hunting skills between Erasmus+ exchange students in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: thanks to the Learning Garage over 80 participants could meet 5 successful professionals from 4 different continents presenting 5 trends of the future of work such as internationalization, teleworking, online job recruiting & entrepreneurship.

  • On Monday 31 May Gabriel Belinga Belinga (Former Erasmus student & Head of Internationalization at the Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences) shared his professional experience since he was an exchange Student until working in the coordination of exchanges at a university, sharing all his professional knowledge in the field: “Make the most of your #Erasmus to build your international network: it can be also an opportunity for your professional career!”, he advised us. This first session was moderated by our Director, Carlo Bitetto.

  • On Tuesday 1 June Veronica Crisafulli -Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Fintech MO Technologies and one of The 10 Most Successful Businesswoman To Watch, 2020 by CIOlook- presented her experience as an entrepreneur, and advised us on how we can build our own company with an encouraging message, calling to overcome the adversities and fears we may encounter along the way: “Never be afraid of change: change is the law of life!”. Fabrizio Bitetto, CEO of garagErasmus, was in charge of conducting the session.

  • On Wednesday 2 June Brock Forst -Investor, Private Lender, Mortgage Broker & Author from Canada- reviewed his job experience and explained to us, with his example, why it is no longer necessary to work from a fixed location. The session was moderated by garagErasmus Foundation Carlo Bitetto.

  • On Thursday 3 June Kevin Marisia -Product Manager experienced in Digital Innovation and Strategy from Kenya- gave us concrete tips on how to succeed in the job market: “Do not limit yourself, be open-minded, be able to know what skills you need and do not be afraid to go extra mile. Otherwise you will regret it!”. Our Director Carlo Bitetto was in charge of conducting the session.

  • Last but not least, on Friday 4 June Andrea Cueca, Commercial Director of MOVII and MOVIIRED, explained to us the keys to success at the time of finding a job online, giving us a masterclass on all the platforms and available resources with a special focus on LinkedIn. Cueca was moderated by the President of gE4Silesia Marco Cillepi.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible: first of all, to the above speakers Gabriel Belinga, Veronica Crisafulli, Andrea Cueca, Kevin Marisia and Brock Frost to accept our invitation, to the moderators Fabrizio Bitetto, Carlo Bitetto and Marco Cillepi and also to the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ Indire to coorganise it. And, of course, to all its attendees who joined us for one week. Stay tuned for another edition on the next academic year!