garagErasmus Foundation is looking for two trainers to facilitate two sessions of the Learning Garage, to be held online between end of March-end of April 2024 . The participants of the events will be Erasmus Alumni coming from all over Europe.

About the project

The LEARNING GARAGE offers online training sessions with CEOs, entrepreneurs, HR experts and specialists of the job market counting with a successful experience in the field of education.

The aim of these sessions is to provide future graduates with job hunting and professional skills, also giving them concrete answers and suggestions on the current job market and relevant tips to participants.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant disorientation among graduates who were about to enter their working life, demoralisation and fear on how to overcome this sudden and unforeseen situation. This is the reason why we would like to provide opportunities for youngsters to boost their confidence and adapt to new circumstances as they appear.

Tasks and responsibilities of the trainers:

  • Cooperate with the garagErasmus Secretariat and have regular communication with the team;
  • Develop and prepare with the organizers the overall program and working methodology;
  • Prepare session outlines for the proposed session;
  • Facilitate the sessions and provide a suitable learning environment for all participants;
  • Have an evaluation with gE Secretariat during the training and a final evaluation after the event.
  • Prepare a final report 2 weeks after the training at the latest


  • Being an Erasmus Alumni
  • Ability to develop an educational approach based on the principles and values of non-formal education
  • Ability to transfer knowledge and values related to the activity to the group of learners in an online format
  • Sensitivity to diversity and inclusion.
  • Ability to deal constructively with disagreements
  • Ability to create an inspiring and safe learning environment
  • Ability to stimulate active participation, by motivating and empowering learners
  • Ability to manage a linguistically diverse group of young people
  • Proficient user of English language
  • Familiarity with topics such as the European Union and youth participation is an asset


Facilitator fee paid by the organizer after the submission of the facilitator report.

How to apply?

If interested, please send your Session Proposal and short introduction/Cv to by 15 February 2024 23.59 pm.

Preference will be given to the topics related to AI in the job market and Soft Skills required by the Job Market