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What are the gE4s?

We encourage the members of the Erasmus Generation across Europe to set up local garagErasmus associations – called gE4Cities. These groups are the local anchors of the Foundation and the Erasmus Generation professional network. They organise independent events as well as large meet-ups, engaging former Erasmus around Europe & enabling face-to-face contact with local business, recruitment companies, mentors and other interested subjects.

​All members of the Erasmus Generation can create a gE4!  A gE4Cities local group can be created within the framework of an existing association that is active within its specific city or region and takes its name from its host city, for instance: garagErasmus4Lisbon. It adopts a statute that includes common rights and responsibilities and reflects the overall mission of garagErasmus.

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What's the gE4s mission?

The gE4s (or gE4Cities) are volunteer groups and represent the Erasmus Generation professional network on the local level – in their city. They act independently within the framework of a general agreement with the Foundation. 

This means that on the local level –in their city– the gE4 will be responsible for the set-up of their network and for the organisation of their activities: the more their members are commited, the more they benefit. The Foundation helps them to get the local association started and connects them to the wider national and european level. The most important step for any gE4 is to create a link with the local municipality and similar partners, which allows to organise a Meet-up with participants from all over Europe.

Who can create a gE4?

All members of the Erasmus Generation – actually all those who had a significant study experience abroad – can! Participation in a gE4 is open to people with many different backgrounds. However, since garagErasmus follows a social enterprise model, the core managing team that wants to set up a new gE4 should demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude. To ensure the quality and relevance of the gE4 work, the  members of the management team have to prove some professional experience, while the coordinator and legal representative should have at least two years of relevant professional experience. In the same way, an ideal core team should bring together three former Erasmus: one involved in the world of business and entrepreneurship, one in the local university and one in the city matters.

What is a Meet-up?

At a Meet-up, a local airport becomes the setting where several hundred people come together. The Meet-up enables face-to-face contacts among the Erasmus Generation, the regional business community, recruitment companies, mentors, and more. 

They connect the local and the European level and can have different objectives/purposes, for example offering job opportunities or creating and developing business ideas and start-ups.

Meet-ups can focus on various topics, such as a particular industry, a product, or a field of activity that is strongly positioned or especially sought after in the hosting city or region.

Why to create a new gE4?

garagErasmus’ mission is to empower the members of the Erasmus Generation. More concretely, this means it is an attractive format to further develop and connect your own entrepreneurial and social activities, and to better connect yourself, your business, your NGO or group of activists both locally and Europe-wide. The support of the European Commission, prestigious universities, large companies and other stakeholders to the mission of garagErasmus, opens doors and makes Europe-wide activities in your city possible or at least much easier to organize. Within the framework agreed upon with the Foundation, gE4s are independent in their work. This means you will be able to focus the work of your gE4 around the topics and opportunities that are most essential for you, such as a particular industry, branch, activity or social cause. garagErasmus and its online platform link the local and the global level and ensure an exceptional high visibility to your activities, allowing you to attract support and participation from all over Europe.

Would you like to join our network?

garagErasmus Foundation is looking for enthusiastic, professional, and independent-minded members of the Erasmus Generation to become part of the initiative. We are reaching out to ambitious people who can make garagErasmus in their city a concrete social start-up by launching a local garagErasmus association – a gE4City. These associations will organise local activities and build up a strong network with lots of opportunities for partnerships and growth. The gE4s organise independent events as well as large Meet-ups in airports, engaging former Erasmus around Europe and enabling face-to-face contact with the local business community, recruitment companies, and more. The Foundation helps to get the local association started and connects it to the wider national and European level.

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gE Director of Secretariat Valentina Presa attends the event Inspiring Young Europeans organized by Fondation Hippocrène

On April 2, our Director of Secretariat, Valentina Presa, had the opportunity to take part to the Inspiring Young Europeans event organized by Fondation Hipprocrène, our Ge4Paris. The event was held at the Paris City Hall, and during the event our director of...

Learning Garage Capacity Building 2024: call to gE4Cities

garagErasmus has opened the call for its gE4Cities to host the Learning Garage Capacity Building 2024 event. Scheduled for June 27-28, this two-day event aims to bolster the skills and capabilities of gE4Cities local groups. It will offer a valuable platform for...

Meet our local chapter gE4Verona!

Founded in 2017, ORIEL ASSOCIATION works mainly in the province of Verona promotes inclusion, interculturalism, creativity, volunteering and democratic participation of young people by organizing cultural events, youth exchanges, training courses and workshops. Oriel...

gE4Cities gather in Bologna for gE Capacity Building

On 27-28 July, garagErasmus Foundation was pleased to welcome all gE4Cities representatives to participate in the "Learning Garage - Capacity Building on project and communication" event that took place in Bologna (Italy). The Capacity Building aimed to strengthen and...

gE4Cities Capacity Building event confirmed in Bologna

garagErasmus Foundation is organizing a Capacity Building event in Bologna on 27-28 July 2023 that aims to strengthen and enhance the abilities of gE4Cities local groups. It will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration among gE4s. The...

Call for gE4Cities to host Capacity Building event

garagErasmus has opened a call for its gE4Cities to host the Capacity Building event. The event will take place in the span of two days, on 27-28 July 2023, and aims to strengthen and enhance the abilities of gE4Cities local groups. It will provide a platform for...

Erasmus+ commemorates its 35 years in Paris!

Join the 35th anniversary of the most emblematic EU programme in Paris organised by the French Erasmus+ National Agencies on 20 January!

A Ball Can Change Everything: the third Katowice Internationals World Cup is held again in Silesia

The Katowice Internationals World Cup came back again this year for its III Edition, under the slogan “A Ball Can Change Everything”.

Meet gE4Bucharest & its Summer Mentorship programme!

gE4Bucharest was founded 2 years ago by Diana, Dora and Miruna and it has been an amazing journey until now. Read this interview!

RUDN University interviews garagErasmus Director Carlo Bitetto

Online discussion between gE Director Carlo Bitetto and the Erasmus+ project coordinator at RUDN University (Moscow) Mario de Martino.

gE4Silesia organises the Katowice Internationals World Cup 2020

As you know, our friends from gE4Silesia / Katowice Internationals Foundation are fanatical about football. This is the reason why, after the great success of their two first editions in 2018 and 2019, they are now ready for the 3rd one in 2020.

garagErasmus moves to a new office in Brussels

Good news! We are pleased to announce that our office in Brussels just moved to a new location.

Konstantinos Maragkos (gE4Athens): “My community is the world”

A conversation with our dear friend Konstantinos Maragkos about his team’s projects and what the future holds for gE4Athens.

Interview with Gev Harutyunyan

This week we shine the spotlight on gE4Yerevan. We spoke to their project leader, Gev Harutyunyan, about their impressive work this year.

Interview with Marco Cillepi, President of gE4Silesia – Katowice Internationals Foundation

This week gE4Silesia takes centre stage! Their project leader, Marco Cillepi, explained us what garagErasmus means to him.

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Become a gE reference point in your city!

If you are looking for an opportunity to extend your network of international open-minded professionals… this is your chance!

By becoming a garagErasmus volunteer you will…

  • Be in the position to become a garagErasmus’ reference point for your city and for those interested in learning more about garagErasmus.
  • Be able to become, if interested, a content curator and creator of news, articles and editorial contributions about social innovation, international mobility, personal and career development. Your contributions will be published and promoted through our communication channels.
  • Be in the position to facilitate the establishment of a local garagErasmus association and to be part of it.
  • Have the chance to participate to our international gatherings and events (facilitated by the Foundation) and to get closer to the Foundation’s staff and priorities.
  • Have access to and be part of the first Erasmus Generation Professional Network.


We will provide you with garagErasmus business cards, a e-mail address, continuous updating on garagErasmus developments and participation to our initiatives. A true involvement in the garagErasmus adventure!