As part of the European Year of Skills , la LLL Platform Awards is still open for entries. This year’s edition revolves around the theme “Key Competences for All: A Lifelong Learning Approach to Skills”, highlighting the importance of continuous learning for skills development.

Il Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) is actively seeking submissions in the following categories :

  • Systems Level : Recognizing successful strategies that cultivate transversal skills and promote both effective learning practices and resilient societies.
  • Provider level : highlighting the integration of transversal competences in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.
  • Learner level : Recognizing the acquisition of key transversal competences through non-formal and informal learning pathways, as well as their validation and recognition.

The winners of the LLLplatform Awards will have the exclusive opportunity to present their initiatives at the European Education Stakeholders Forum , a prestigious event to be held in Brussels on November 27.

Aspiring candidates are encouraged to submit their applications on the official platform, and seize the chance to be recognized for their exceptional contributions to skills development and lifelong learning. The deadline for submissions is fast approaching , making it the perfect time to showcase innovative approaches that empower learners of all ages.