Our first EUth Pages for Europe event in Italy will take place next Friday 12 November at 17.00 in Sorrento (Campania), and will have as its theme the protection of the environment, in particular equestrian pollution and the protection of marine fauna and flora.

The event, supported and organized in cooperation with associations from Massa Lubrense and its municipality, will be resolved around two different meetings: the first will be a preparatory awareness raising meeting, and the second the actual discussion meeting, and will take place in Via Calata Punta Capo, 5 80067 Sorrento.

Biology researchers are invited to hold two talks: 1) Dr. Miriam Ruocco will talk about the social life of the Posidonia and its importance for our environment; 2) Dr. Domenico Sgambati and the young, international volunteers from European Solidarity Corps of the Protected Marine Parc “Punta Campanella” will talk about how human activities impacts the well-being of marine fauna and flora. They will be presented by Elisabetta De  Simone (Researcher and PhD candidate at the Ludvig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich and the Macquarie University in Sydney).

After the two talks, participants are invited to discuss and express their ideas about how to improve their relationships with the sea, how to  protect sea life, and what directions Europe should take to ensure both economy and sustainability.

This project is in association with the following entities:
– Archeoclub d’Italia, sede di Massa Lubrense 
– Area Marina Protetta di Punta Campanella
– Comune di Massa Lubrense
– Festival di Booksophia

Can’t miss it!