• The 2019 Annual Meeting of garagErasmus was held at the University of Málaga on 6-7 June 2019, gathering more than 50 people from all around Europe.
  • During the event Orsolya Réka Süli was recognised as the best talent of the Erasmus Generation (Golden Laissez-Passer). Her project, seeking to address the climate impact of our daily purchases, will develop a database gathering information on the environmental impact of a wide range of food products.

During the Annual meeting participants stressed the importance of synergies between universities, companies, cities and associations to improve the career of young professionals. Furthermore, it was the perfect scenario to strengthen links among garagErasmus network members, to present its annual work to institutional interest groups (National Agencies and European institutions) and to create new opportunities for the future of the Erasmus Generation.

In fact, the aim of the event was to create stronger links among our partners and share ideas and information about ongoing projects. Participants to the meeting were mainly representatives of European universities, young entrepreneurs and members of our network.

garagErasmus’ annual report and last year’s flagship projects, such as the International Talents Match or Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus Generation, were presented during the meeting, as well as the funded projects by the European Commission garagErasmus is currently working on, such as Erasmus Vote Power, SEND, EYVOL or IYE-LABS.

The attendees could also share some ideas on garagErasmus’ role as Erasmus Alumni network in order to work together on grants and EU projects and the next generation of the Erasmus+ programme.

The work of Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA) member organisations -Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA), Erasmus Student Network (ESN), Organisation for Cooperation and Exchange And Networking among Students (OCEANS)- and EuGen, among others, was also analysed.


The Golden Laissez-Passer award

The Laissez Passer award recognises with a symbolic passport European talents who have relevant mobility experiences – study or work -. Its winners are provided with benefits and opportunities in their professional careers.

On this occasion, Orsolya Réka Süli was the winner of the Golden Laissez Passer 2019 among all  the 600 projects presented on our platform. She will receive €3,000 to develop her idea.

Her project seeks to address the climate impact of our daily purchases by developing a database that will gather information on the environmental impact of a wide range of food products.

Orsolya also wants to develop a consumer solution to provide actionable information to consumers. She strongly believes that this experience will further equip her with necessary research experience in environmental issues, as well as grow my network of researchers.

These were the other 5 finalists who attended the meeting. We would like to congratulate them all for their outstanding projects:

  • Ioannis Ladeas, with his idea is to implement the project “Traveling for change” and create a short documentary film (documentary) focusing on how the EU, and particularly the Erasmus+ programme, is empowering refugees living in Europe.
  • Mahsa Samadi’s “Uccello” project seeks to create a unique platform for students who study abroad can meet the inquirires from local citizens in order to get some jobs.
  • Carolle Audrey Madiesse Lafo’s project to create a platform to facilitating Erasmus students to access a well-defined Learning Agreement. This platform will include the departments and courses studied in Erasmus countries divided into semesters, credits and if possible a timetable and the availability of the course.
  • Roberto Luca Saldi’s project to organize a campaign involving the Erasmus generation over the fight against Climate change with a two-day training: including debates with key stakeholders, to shape an Erasmus Green Act. 27 Erasmus talent will be selected, to build the Act and then spread it.
  • Federica La Mastra’s project is to create an online community to empower artists and create opportunities for theis success, a specialised platform for artists to connect with each other and showcase their work to others.

About garagErasmus Foundation

garagErasmus Foundation was founded in 2012 as the creative hub of the Erasmus Generation with the mission of improving the lives of people who had international study or work experiences by enabling them to access opportunities that can make their careers more impactful for the European Community. garagErasmus currently has 18 local associations (gE4Cities) and 30 member universities.

During its seven years of life garagErasmus has promoted initiatives such as the aforementioned Laissez Passer, speed networking sessions (“Talents Match”) or the online platform weTipp, where former Erasmus students, companies, universities, local authorities and associations can meet to share opportunities and promote joint initiatives.

garagErasmus is supported by the main institutions in Europe. Every year the European Commission invites 250,000 former Erasmus students to register on its online platform.