The topic of micro-credentials has seen a growing interest in recent years in European countries, from higher education institutions to non-profit organisations. In fact, more and more organisations are now working on the release of micro-credentials to respond to the need of certifying the outcomes of short-term learning and training experiences, often linked to non-formal and innovative education.

garagErasmus, since it started its journey towards the release and recognition of micro-credentials in October 2022, is one of them. The topic was first discussed during the Higher Education European Networking Summit in November 2022 with representatives of HEis in Europe and, after an experience within the IYE-LABs project, garagErasmus continued to be involved through two of its European projects where micro-credentials play a key role: Digital Life Learning and From School to EU.

Moreover, in order to deepen our knowledge on the topic, garagErasmus, in the person of Valentina Presa – Director of the Secretariat -, joined the working group on micro-credentials within the European Digital Education Hub, the collaborative community for digital education stakeholders in Europe and beyond. The work started on the occasion of the European Digital Education Hub Community Workshop in March 2023 in Barcelona, in which garagErasmus participated.

In the last few days, after the final event of From School to EU, garagErasmus released micro-credentials to the students participating in the project for their engagement in the project activities, development of digital and intercultural skills and preparation of a project proposal.

Looking forward, garagErasmus’s next step will be to contribute to the recognition of micro-credentials at university level, thanks to a first test within the project Digital Life Learning, with the participation of the University of Tor Vergata and the Centro del Voluntariado de España, experienced in this field, in order to later involve as many HEIs as possible in the recognition process. garagErasmus will also continue to work in the micro-credentials working group in the coming months.