On 15-16 of June, one of the most exciting projects of our gE4Silesia, Katowice Internationals Foundation, took place in Poland: the Katowice International World Cup!

In this 6th edition, twenty-four national football teams clashed to win the International Katowice World Cup. Those teams were composed of expats living in Katowice, coming from different countries all over the world, reunited in the Stadium Asnyka 27 with the same goal: taking home the Katowice World Cup prize.

This year, the lucky and well-deserved winner was the Colombian team, who managed to beat Palestine during the penalty kicks. Palestine took home the second prize, while Uzbekistan the third one.

This 6th edition was a complete blast, and we want once again to congratulate the winners, the volunteers, and everyone who took part in this wonderful and international event!