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Do you know the answer to these questions?

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
– Do you know in which job you will be able to make a difference? How?
– What is the best academic choice to achieve your objectives?
– Will the job that you’d like today still exist in 10 years?

What about these questions?

– What is your ideal lifestyle?
– Do the job options you are considering comply with it?
– What are your long-term projects outside of work?
– What is the salary that you expect after your studies?
– Would you like to work for someone or for yourself? What are the risks and opportunities of this choice?
– Are you willing to move to another country?
– Do you prefer to settle into a company or change over the years?

In short:

Can you reconcile the job that you are considering with the life you want to live?

Why orientaME

A week has 168 hours. You, on average, sleep for 50, work for 45 and are awake for 73 hours. More than 50% of your time will be spent in your work environment: office, colleagues, boss, clients, performance anxiety, satisfactions… you invest the same amount of time during your study period.

Despite this reality, it is still rare to find an orientation programme that can provide you with the tools to be able to make a reasoned and informed decision on your career path. Too often, career coaches and recruiters rely only on your technical and interpersonal skills to help you find the most suitable job: what are your talents and skills? Do you prefer humanistic or scientific subjects? Do you prefer working in a team or autonomously?

However, these questions do not cover important aspects that everyone should consider when deciding their career path, which is the kind of lifestyle that is inevitably attached to each job: if it requires you to travel a lot, if it gives space to other projects in your life, if it matches your personal beliefs, if it impacts positively or negatively your mental and physical health…

Deciding a career path is also deciding a specific lifestyle.

Being able to have the mind set and the instruments to orient yourself for your studies and career path means avoiding the risk of living a life that is not yours, wasting resources and time ending up in a situation that is not for you.

Concept of orientaME

We at garagErasmus Foundation would like to promote a new and overlooked way of education and job orienteering by structuring an overall programme that aims at accompanying the life learning journey of a person. With this initial initiative “orientaME” young students or workers can have access to 45 minutes individual sessions of career and life counselling provided by President Francesco Cappè.

The session will be a proper 45-minutes direct chat and exchange in which Mr. Cappè will ask you questions related to your career but also life plans, supporting you to confront the real complexity of the choice related to professional development and providing you with the tools to overcome it. The session can be in English or Italian. 

Francesco Cappè’s biography

Mr. Cappè after having served for 12 years as UN Official working in the field of counter-terrorism, co-founded garagErasmus and undertook several career changes working for Kennedy Foundations as well as leading the management of different entities in different sectors. Currently is the President and CEO of Gioya Higher Education Institutions and Chief representative of Shanghai Arbitration Commission in Euro/Med Region.

How to apply

In order to apply to receive free 45 minutes career and life counselling by our president Francesco Cappè we would like you to complete

which requires you to insert your name, surname, age, your status as student and to write a motivation letter of 300-400 words that can reply to the following questions:

Why are you requesting the counselling?

What is your ideal lifestyle?

Do you have any future long term projects? (marriage, family, retirement, place to live)

If chosen, you will be contacted by garagErasmus staff to discuss the timing and avaliable slots in which you can do your session with Mr. Cappè.