Reloading Europe

Right after founding garagErasmus we traveled all over Europe to reunite the Erasmus Generation & build our Private-Public Alliance, stopping to Check-In Europe in many different cities.

Reloading Europe Tour

The Reloading Europe Tour started in November 2013, with a symbolic trip from the headquarters of the foundation to Brussels, going through Turin, Geneva and Strasbourg.

At the end of the Tour, on 5 November 2013 we presented our project and read the Appeal to the Erasmus Generation at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Activities held during the Tour

Check-In Europe
in Brussels

A symbolic trip from Pisa to Brussels by 30 former Erasmus to the European Parliament. Final goal: reading the Appeal to The Erasmus Generation.

Check-In Europe
in Milan

A roundtable with the vice President of the European Parliament and all Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

Check-In Europe
in Rome

An event with the Italian Minister for European Affairs and other institutions and Foundation Member representatives at the Italian Parliament.

Check-In Europe
in Istanbul

An event organized by garagErasmus with the Turkish National Agency with former Erasmus, entrepreneurs, and universities.

Check-In Europe
in Pisa Airport

A meeting with entrepreneurs and startuppers in collaboration with Pisa University at the Galileo Galilei Airport.

Check-In Europe
in Florence

A Former Erasmus meeting in Florence and the launch of Check-in Europe Beta with the president of Tuscany, partner of garagErasmus.

Watch the interview for Parco Magazine before our departure


In the group, 30 Italian former Erasmus, pioneers of the garagErasmus project: startuppers, professionals and managers, all with the “Erasmus spirit”: an open mind, curiosity and joy.