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È sempre complicato per i giovani stranieri ambientarsi in tempi relativamente brevi in una grande città. Tra le sfide più grandi ci sono quelle burocratiche, la mancanza di alloggi, opportunità di lavoro, integrazione sociale e occasioni di incontro con coetanei, che demotivano le persone e le costringono a lasciare le grandi città.

Handshake promuoverà l'inclusione sociale nelle città metropolitane sviluppando un'app online, eventi offline e una guida sull'inclusione sociale per grandi città - Parigi, Milano e Bruxelles. Altre città importanti potrebbero essere incluse in futuro, quando il progetto raggiungerà i risultati attesi.

Obiettivo generale

Il principale obiettivo del progetto Handshake è integrare gli espatriati nella vita locale attraverso la creazione di uno strumento utile che centralizzi tutte le informazioni necessarie in tutte le lingue dell'UE (sotto forma di un'applicazione web), promuovendo così l'inclusione e la cittadinanza sociale.

Gli obiettivi specifici di Handshake sono...

  • Di promuovere la cittadinanza attiva, il senso di iniziativa dei giovani rafforzando rafforzando l'identità europea e la partecipazione dei giovani nella vita sociale e politica delle città, sia per i residenti che per gli espatriati. Il progetto mira anche ad avvicinarsi a coloro che hanno meno opportunità,inclusi le persone con disabilità e coloro che vivono in situazioni di difficoltà socio-economiche.


  • Per rafforzare i collegamenti tra politiche, ricerca e pratica attraverso:
    attività per promuovere una migliore conoscenza dei processi burocratici, degli eventi esistenti nelle città in cui risiede il gruppo target (e oltre);
    consentire alle grandi città di seguire un percorso di inclusione sociale per giovani espatriati e giovani cittadini locali, attraverso una social inclusion guide e una user-friendly web app, adattabile anche ad altre città nell'UE.

Utilizza la Guida sull'Inclusione Sociale di Handshake per ottenere informazioni sulle

città di Bruxelles, Parigi e Milano!

Esplora l'applicazione web di Handshake:


Paris, 7 July 2022

The Handshake project’s web app was officially launched in Paris on July 7, 2022. Led by the gE team, the event showcased the web app’s features and its dedication to promoting the inclusion of expats, Erasmus students, and international students in Paris, Brussels, and Milan. Attendees, including young representatives from France Youth Parliament and other community organizations, were introduced to the user-friendly interface and potential benefits of the web app, generating excitement and fostering collaboration for greater social integration.

Milan, 2 October 2022

On the second of October in Milan, an engaging event took place where new Erasmus students had the opportunity to share their perspectives on the challenges they faced upon arriving in the city. This event provided a platform for open discussions and valuable insights into the experiences of international students. The students expressed their vision through interactive sessions and workshops, highlighting the key obstacles they encountered and their expectations for a smoother integration process. Students also recorded short videos sharing their firsthand experience arriving in Milan. The event not only facilitated a deeper understanding of the needs of incoming students but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration among the participants, paving the way for improved support and resources for future Erasmus students in Milan.

Brussels, 21 October 2022

In Brussels, an insightful event was held on October 21st, where representatives from various universities’ international offices gathered to learn about the project and the inclusive guide. This event provided a platform for meaningful discussions and the collection of valuable perspectives from institutions that handle a significant amount of incoming mobility. The project and its objectives were presented, highlighting the importance of fostering inclusivity and support for international students. The representatives shared their insights and experiences, shedding light on the challenges faced by students and the role that universities can play in facilitating their integration.

Paris, 6 February 2023

On 6 February 2022, Fondation Hippocrène and garagErasmus Foundation were present at the get together by ESN Paris – Erasmus Student Network with the project Handshake, which aims at creating social inclusion guides for the cities of Paris, Brussels and Milan. These guides help expats to better navigate the main challenges that they encounter in these cities, like bureaucracy, job searching and peer meeting.
During this occasion, students were asked what in their opinion could be included in these guides according to their personal experience, so as to help other people experiencing international mobility after them.

Milan, 13 March 2023

In Milan, a dynamic event took place on March 13, where the Handshake project and platform were presented to exchange students, international students, and local students in a university setting. The event aimed to foster open discussions and gather valuable insights into the challenges faced by international students upon their arrival in Milan. Through interactive sessions and workshops, participants had the opportunity to share their perspectives, highlight obstacles, and express their expectations for a smoother integration process.

Brussels, 4 June 2023

On June 4th, a vibrant event took place in Brussels, bringing together young expats, including Erasmus students, interns, and trainees, in an informal setting. The gathering provided an opportunity for participants to share their diverse experiences of living in Brussels, with some attendees having recently arrived while others were already settled in the city. The event was filled with excitement as everyone enjoyed the first rays of sunshine for the season. In addition to socializing, the attendees engaged in inclusive activities, fostering a sense of community and integration among the participants.

Paris, 16 June 2023

On June 16th, an engaging event took place in Paris, where the Fondation Hippocrene partnered with ESN (Erasmus Student Network) to gather feedback on the platform and facilitate discussions on the challenges of living in Paris. The event provided a valuable platform for participants to share their firsthand experiences and insights, leveraging their time spent in the city to contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the project. With a focus on fostering a supportive environment, attendees engaged in constructive conversations, exchanging ideas, and offering suggestions to enhance the experience of expats and international students in Paris.

Milan, 23 June 2023

On June 23rd, a dynamic event took place in Milan, bringing together locals and expats to exchange their perspectives on living in the city and share valuable insights for the improvement of the inclusive guide. Participants engaged in an open and constructive dialogue, discussing the evolving nature of Milan and the challenges that arise when moving to the city. Some participants recorded a video and shared their personal experiences and observations, both locals and expats contributed to a deeper understanding of the city’s dynamics and identify areas for improvement in terms of inclusion and integration.

Brussels, 26 June 2023

The event held in Brussels on June 26th brought together gE4 Brussels and various civil society organizations in the heart of the European bubble. In a relaxed and convivial setting, gE4 Brussels presented the outcomes of the project, including the web app, to the participants. The focus was on collecting valuable feedback on the web app and on the project in general, while also fostering discussions on potential future partnerships and the scalability of the project. This event served as the closing event of the project, offering a platform for exchanging ideas, gathering insights, and exploring opportunities for further collaboration and expansion. Moreover, it aimed to promote inclusivity and support for expats, Erasmus students, and international individuals in Brussels and across Europe.

See Handshake Scalability Plan :


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