SEND Mobility Platform provides different services that aim to create a “quality mobility system” in the field of innovation. It faciliates the most suitable matching between university students/innovators and organizations around Europe, provides information and support to implement, prepare and evaluate Erasmus+ mobility for traineeship managed by SEND Mobility Consortium.

Why should your organization host an international trainee? Hosting not only gives the trainee an amazing opportunity to learn about life and work in your country, to raise his/her employability within the European labour market and to promote his/her professional self-awareness, but it also brings different benefits to your organization as well!

Most of the organizations, that already had a hosting experience, speak very well about it by confirming that it influences positively their working environement. Indeed, young trainees have usually a fresh attitude and new/innovative ideas which can invigorate your organizations and staff. Furthermore, since they come from another country, they can also feed your working environment with his/her different culture, language and perspectives. In other words, to host an international trainee is an affordable choice for your organization that give you the chance to internationalize your work and your office, to invest in new human resources, to challange your employers and last but not least to improve your organization’s know-how.