On the night 25th of January, the award ceremony of the Golden Laissez-Passer took place with the victory of Konstantinos Maragkos, a 25-years old young professional from Greece.

A jury composed by the Foundation Members proclaimed Konstantinos as the Best Erasmus Talent of 2017 and he was awarded 3.000€ for his project “WE AfriHug” which aims at empowering the Youth within African local communities through education in High-schools and Universities. The votes expressed by the jury are as follows: Kostantinos 68, Başak 66, Gevorg 57, Veronika 52, Patrick 53, Adina 43.

From May to November, the online international community decide the 6 best talents that had access the final stage of the contest. Those talents competed in the final and were introduced to the audience during the Gala Night. They explained how they would like to invest the final Laissez-Passer prize.

📣 Here the finalists for the Golden #LaissezPasser! 👏👏👏

  1. Konstantinos Maragkos 495
  2. Başak Polat 465
  3. Gevorg Harutyunyan 314
  4. Veronika Tomova 311
  5. Patrick Doodt 311
  6. Adina Fleser 291

and then as follows:

  • Agnesa Halili 288
  • Francesca Fabiano 233
  • Aldana Farabello 161
  • Miriam Haidara 118
  • Benedetta Fornaciari da Passano 85