Peace education serves the objective of empowering people to become active and engage on a personal and political level to achieve peace.The Peditory project aims at developing a new and innovative methodology and toolkit for peace education based on digital storytelling. 

The project also aims at providing solutions to encourage young people to take more responsibility for their own actions whilst learning to question authority and develop empathy towards others by examining the social, economic and political environment to understand where conflict comes from and how to transform it.

Peditory results will be used in potential conflict areas/communities in order foster mutual understanding, respect and acceptance amongst diverse people in that area/community, to enable them to work towards resilient, respectful, sustainable and cooperative communities.

In order to achieve these objectives,  a preliminary study has been carried out on the current situation of young people and youth workers, in order to find out what knowledge they have about peace education.

For this purpose, two surveys were carried out: one with young people and one with youth workers, and an interview with a focus group of youth workers. The reports of these surveys and the interviews are available on garagErasmus’ website by clicking on the button below.