The press conference of garagErasmus on the event of 16th May, that will launch its new project Laissez-Passer, took place in the Palazzo Lombardia.

In the press conference the representatives of the sponsors of the upcoming launch event participated (Eviva Energia, Creden Spa and Assolombarda) as well as the Vice President of Regione Lombardia Fabrizio Sala, Director of Youth Policy of the Municipality of Milan Fabrizio Chirico and Francesco Cappè, President of garagErasmus.

Francesco Cappè opened the press conference by explaining the main initiatives of the garagErasmus Foundation, which address mainly those who have lived through an international experience, such as the Erasmus mobility program.
Furthermore, Cappè described the core elements of the Laissez-Passer project, which can be considered as a very important step forward for internationalization and innovation. Due to Laissez-Passer – the passport of the Erasmus generation – garagErasmus will significantly improve the future international mobility of the European talents.

The main goal of Laissez-Passer, a project launched on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Erasmus programme, is to bridge the gap between highly skilled young Europeans, recruiters and companies. Through Laissez-Passer, garagErasmus wants to fill this gap and give creative and proactive Europeans the chance to meet companies which are looking for this kind of selected profiles.

„garagErasmus is a stakeholder that can help us develop the goals of the Region of Lombardy” said Fabrizio Sala, who also added that the Regional Council is also trying to provide new hosting solutions for international people, being aware that young talents play a crucial role in the development of Milan and the whole region. Moreover, he said: „In the Silicon Valley people know the project of garagErasmus and the region of Lombardy is supporting this”.

Fabrizio Chirico emphasised that the cooperation of between Regione Lombardia and the garagErasmus Foundation will be an important step towards the accomplishment of these goals and a great opportunity for all Lombardy.

We can’t wait for May 16th!