EUth Pages for Europe

Engaging the Erasmus Generation with the

Conference on the Future of Europe


Overview of the project

Co-funded by the European Parliament in the frame of the “Youth engagement on the Conference of the future of Europe” grant, EUth Pages for Europe will be developed in all the member states of the European Union and, together with public and private partners, it will develop a series of activities in order to make the Erasmus Generation have an impact on the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFOE).

Its actions will involve the international and local communities in the discussions about the most important challenges the European Union is facing, with a particular attention to the involvement of youngsters coming from the peripheries and outskirts of cities.

What are our goals?

    Offering opportunities for young people to get engaged in a creative process that allows getting knowledge on the role of the European Parliament, European values and rights and shaping the future of Europe.

    Raising awareness about the opportunities to be engaged in discussions around the EU, notably through the platform transforming unawareness into engagement.

    EUth pages for Europe

    Selection of Ambassadors4EUFuture & common Training Session

    Between April & May 2021 garagErasmus will recruit at least one Ambassador4EUfuture for each EU member state in collaboration with our wide range of stakeholders.

    Ambassadors4EUFuture will be all gathered in a 2-day online training session on the Conference on the Future of Europe given by garagErasmus, external experts and youth organisations. Officials and MEPs will also be invited to join in order to highlight the importance of the COFOE and the current EU priorities. Foreseen for May/June 2021, this activity will also present the guidelines for organising local events and provide Ambassadors with an overview of the institutional campaign for the COFOE as well as the European Parliament’s goals for the upcoming year.

    Local Events for the future of Europe & Communication on the Conference on the Future of Europe 

    Between June 2021 & February 2022, each Ambassador4EUFuture will organize at least one event (if possible, face to face) with an average of 35 young participants, who will exchange their priorities for the future of the European Union and how their contribution could be scaled up at the Agoras level.

    Ambassadors will have to do their best to involve the peripheries and the outskirts of the cities where they live / are in exchange. Events should follow a real bottom-up approach, and give voice to people that otherwise would be kept far away from this process.

    EUth Pages Meeting with Institutions and Universities

    Once all the grassroots events are completed, in March/April 2022, gE will organise an event presenting the results of the local events, followed by working group meetings on the different identified youth priorities.

    This major event will include not only the Ambassadors4EUFuture but also university stakeholders (officers, professors), Ministries of Education, gE members and other relevant stakeholders in the field of youth.

    During the meeting a coordinator from the Academic world will be appointed to ensure the quality of the final paper.

    Dissemination of the project and writing process of the EUth pages

    garagErasmus will realease a publication including all the recommendations from local and international students and peripheries.

    The document will be created and developed by gE and supervised by an academic team composed by university professors and officers.

    The final aim of the project will be to promote the project handbook and to make it available to policy makers, in order to be integrated with COFOE outcomes.

    Want to be part of this project? Reach us to know more details about how you and/or your organization could be involved! Don’t miss this opportunity to shape future EU action!


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    A compass for the digital future

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    “The EU Recovery is the defibrillator of our economy”: read the article by Davide Orsitto and Domenico Licheri on Linkiesta

    The next 24 months will be decisive for the future of the Union, individual Member States and citizens, with new challenges, deadlines, new beginnings, and changes at the international level. The Erasmo Association has chosen to focus its attention on this time frame, to analyze the events scheduled with the partnerships of garagErasmus, Linkiesta, Spinelli Group, Re-Generation, Antonio Megalizzi Foundation, Cultura Italiae, Community of Connections, Italiacamp and A2A.

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    EUth Pages for Europe – event in Croatia (EU4ME & YOU)

    EUth Pages for Europe – event in Croatia (EU4ME & YOU)

    The Croatian Academic Association of the Faculty of Economics and Business (Hrvatska akademska zajednica) presents an interesting and educational two-day conference EU4ME & YOU: Union of Opportunities, which will be held at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, on 15 and 16 December 2021 with online stream.

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    Euth Pages event in Spain – For a Sustainable Europe

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    The project was co-financed by the European Union in the frame of the European Parliament’s grant programme in “Youth engagement on the Conference of the future of Europe”. The European Parliament was not involved in its preparation and is, in no case, responsible for or bound by the information or opinions expressed in the context of this project. In accordance with applicable law, the authors, interviewed people, publishers or programme broadcasters are solely responsible. The European Parliament can also not be held liable for direct or indirect damage that may result from the implementation of the project.