of the Erasmus Generation


2023 Edition

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garagErasmus Foundation welcomes back its iconic contest to once again shine light on European talents. 

This year’s prize? €3000!

What is the Laissez-Passer?

The Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus Generation is a project launched by garagErasmus Foundation in 2017 on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Erasmus programme that awards a symbolic passport, the Laissez Passer, to distinguished European talents providing them with tangible benefits and opportunities to improve their professional projects.

More specifically, the Laissez-Passer consists of a contest where participants that are currently or have been in a mobility experience submit their projects that are to take place in Europe and beyond. The winner is awarded with a grant allowing them to kickstart their project.

What is its purpose?

Through the Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus Generation, garagErasmus Foundation aims at: 

  • Identifying young talented Europeans with mobility experience and proven civic engagement in order to showcase their achievements;
  • Valorising skills acquired through international study and professional experiences as well as volunteering;
  • Supporting projects by young Europeans;
  • Supporting the emergence of European role models for the youth;

The expression “Laissez-Passer” is what the Erasmus Generation reckons regarding the barriers and borders of Europe: no obstacles can stop the Erasmus Generation from developing themselves through mobility and work experiences around our continent and beyond.

2023 Edition

The 2023 edition of the Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus Generation will award €3000,00 to the best project pertaining to the theme of social innovation, that is initiatives and activities aiming to address social challenges and improve the well-being of communities through the development and implementation of new ideas, strategies or solutions.

For this edition, the projects will have to be submitted to garagErasmus Foundation in the form of a vertical video (9:16) of not more than 90 seconds. garagErasmus Foundation will subsequently select 10 projects to be showcased on its Instagram and Tik Tok profiles.

The 3 projects that will receive more likes will then be given the chance to be presented to a panel of Higher Education Institutions representatives during garagErasmus’ annual Higher Education European Networking Summit in Milan on 16-17 November 2023, that will subsequently select the winner.

Who can participate?


All those who have completed a mobility period of at least two months, for study or work purposes, are entitled to present their candidacy for the Laissez-Passer.  Candidates that have completed, or are about to complete, according to the terms of this article, a mobility period, but not within the Erasmus+ programme, will also be accepted.

How to participate?

The form to submit projects can be found on top of this page or at this link. The form requires candidates to describe the project idea and, optional, to provide a video that describes the project in any way the candidate prefers, be it simply a person talking, an interview, footage showcasing the problems and solutions, visuals, a compilation etc.

Videos shall have these characteristics:

  • Vertical orientation, 9:16 ratio
  • Max length: 90 seconds

Unfortunately, videos that don’t respect these parameters can’t be considered.

In order for us to receive the video without it losing quality, the form requires a link to an online cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer etc) or to a social media, if already published (Youtube, Instagram etc).

If you are selected, you will be asked to submit your video at a later date if you haven’t already done so.

What are the rules?

The rules of the contest are listed here. We ask candidates to please read it carefully before deciding to submit projects. For any questions, please contact


The deadline for submissions is 05 November, 23:59 pm (CET).

Do you want to take your chance to win 3000? 

Below you can find a step to step guide of the Laissez-Passer of the Erasmus Generation 2023.

Step 1:
project submissions

1. Click on the form on the top of this page.

2. Complete all the fields concerning yourself and your mobility experience.

3. Briefly explain your project.

4. (Optional) Provide a link to a video showcasing your project. The link can be to an online cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer etc) or to a social media account if already published (Youtube, Instagram, etc)

5. What you will show on the video is up to you! It can be yourself talking about it, interviews, footage showing the problem with a voiceover, visuals. Surprise us! Be careful to follow the parameters indicated in the form or on this page. 

6. Give your authorisation to data usage and newsletter (if you’d like to keep updated with the Foundation)

7. Deadline is on 5 November, 23:59 pm (CET)

Step 2:
10 best projects are published on social media

An internal committee of garagErasmus Foundation will select the 10 best projects and publish the videos on its Instagram (@garagerasmus_foundation) and TikTok (@garagerasmus) accounts.

If the selected participants haven’t already sent the video, they will be asked to email to share the link.

Before publishing, the selected candidates will be asked to provide additional information about the project.

Step 3:
the votes are on!

From 5 November to 14 November, people will have the chance to vote for the projects on social media by liking them. Remember that: 

1. You can like more than one video.

2. Votes on both Instagram and Tik Tok count and will be added together for the final score.

3. This phase does not determine the winner quite yet but is crucial to pass to the next step.

Step 4:
5 most voted invited to present their project

The candidates of the 3 most voted videos on social media will be invited to present their project in front of a panel of Higher Education Institutions representatives that will select the winner. Please note that all expenses will be covered. In case participants can’t attend the event in person, they’ll be invited to join online.

Step 5:
winner to present expense plan

Subsequently to the final decision, garagErasmus Foundation will contact the Winner who, in order to get the prize, will have to provide all the financial documents of the project. The grant will cover proven expenses related to the project; no direct money transfer will be done to the winner before the project takes place.

See old editions!

garagErasmus holds its Annual Meeting 2019 in Malaga

garagErasmus awards the Hungarian student Orsoliya Réka Süli as the best talent of the Erasmus Generation with the Golden Laissez-Passer.

The Laissez-Passer Tour 2019

This year on the occasion of launching the second edition of Golden Laissez-Passer, we visited several European locations to encourage more people from the Erasmus Generation to apply and become Erasmus Talent of the year. Our tour started with pre-launch in Brussels and ended in Málaga, where the winner will be announced.

The Golden Laissez-Passer 2019 is officially launched!

The goal of the Laissez-Passer is to create a connection between the Erasmus generation and privates, companies, recruiters and philanthropists that want to support the most emblematic programme of the European Union.

Launching event of gE4Brussels

garagErasmus Foundation, together with the MEP Brando Benifei, is glad to to invite you to the launching event of garagErasmus4Brussels.

Konstantinos Maragkos, best Erasmus Talent of 2017

On the night 25th of January, the award ceremony of the Golden Laissez-Passer took place with the victory of Konstantinos Maragkos, a 25-years old young professional from Greece.

Laissez-Passer: The Passport that leads us towards a Europe for everyone!

More talents, more Erasmus, more Europe. With this slogan, Laissez-Passer, the Passport of the Erasmus Generation was officially presented.