The + of Erasmus

Turning a period of great difficulty into an opportunity to improve the Erasmus+ experience.


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted professional and academic activities around the world and is inevitably affecting all the activities and projects organised under the Erasmus + programme of the European Union. Studying abroad is very different for Erasmus students due to travel restrictions, closed campuses, blended mobility and social distancing. We have all become well aware that the crucial aspect of mobility – i.e. sociality – is in danger. Nevertheless, we are convinced that the programme keeps providing great benefits despite this particular moment that we are going through.

As the professional network of the Erasmus Generation, garagErasmus feels a big responsibility in this moment. During our exchanges we learnt the most important lessons of our lives, and we would like to make our contribution to protect the current & future development of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

This is the reason why we jointly developed a project with the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE offering many activities to all the incoming students in Italy and Italian outgoing & international that unequivocally underline the value, even in a difficult period, of the studies and internships carried out thanks to Erasmus+. 

The + of Erasmus Project is also doing its bit to support and relaunch the image of Italy, one of the most popular destinations in Europe which was deeply affected by the COVID-19 outbreak during Spring 2020, providing targered actions for Italian universities to fully recover their image among international students. 

The project is also in line with all the other activities and projects promoted by EU level actors during the last few months to ensure that the next generation of Europeans’ future is not deeply affected by all the restrictions caused by the pandemic: a hard but extremely encouraging challenge!


Learning Garage

CEOs, entrepreneurs, human resources experts and specialists of the labour market will hold lessons online, with an interactive part also for questions and comments. The speakers, who also have great experience in the educational world, will give important suggestions to the participants on how to approach the job market during and after the pandemic.


2 sessions of 12h each:
February 2021 + April 2021 

Accelerator of Italian Language & Culture

In collaboration with the Dante Alighieri Language Institute of Recanati, students will benefit, not only from intensive Italian language courses, but also webinars on culture, habits, customs and even cooking.


Introduction on 22 December + 3 sessions: January 2021 + March 2021 + May 2021

Talents Match

Companies will be invited in a virtual room with international talents and Italian exchange students to have a “blind interview”: recruiters will have no information about candidates and candidates will have 10’ to persuade the recruiter to get back in touch with him/her for a full interview.


Two sessions: March 2021 + June 2021


Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

garagErasmus Foundation


INDIRE – Erasmus+ National Agency



gE launches 2024 edition of the Learning Garage

garagErasmus Foundation and Erasmus+ INDIRE are launching the 2024 edition of the Learning Garage, free training sessions for present and former exchange students with entrepreneurs, career coaches, trainers and specialists of the job market with experience in the...

Sign up for free for the 2024 Edition of the Accelerator of Italian Language & Culture!

After the success of the 2022 edition, garagErasmus Foundation and the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE are pleased to launch the 2024 edition of the Accelerator of Italian Language and Culture, held within the framework of the project The + of Erasmus. This...

gE launches Call for Trainers

garagErasmus Foundation is looking for two trainers to facilitate two sessions of the Learning Garage, to be held online between end of March-end of April 2024 . The participants of the events will be Erasmus Alumni coming from all over Europe. About the project The...

Sign up for the Learning Garage “From Erasmus to the Job Market” by garagerasmus

The online session of "From Erasmus to the Job Market" hosted by the garagErasmus Foundation on Thursday 21 December 21 2023, from 18:00 to 19:30 CET, will delve into the topic of leveraging skills gained from mobility experiences such as Erasmus+ for effective job...

Final session of the Accelerator of italian language & culture

Next Tuesday, May 24 at 17:00 CET we will held a final session of the Accelerator of Italian language & culture and we prepared a very special surprise for our participants.

Join the Third Edition of the Learning Garage!

The garagEramus Foundation and the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE are preparing for the third edition of the Learning Garage, to 25 at 31 of May, 2022.
Join us!

Join the Accelerator of Italian Language & Culture’s edition in April 2022

garagErasmus and Erasmus+ INDIRE are launching a second edition of The Accelerator of Italian Language and Culture. Register now!

Make the most of your Erasmus+ skills: join the Learning Garage on 22-23 February!

On Tuesday 22 & Wednesday February 2022, AEF-Europe & garagErasmus will organise another edition of the Learning Garage.

The June 2021 Talents Match puts an end to the first Edition of ‘The Plus of Erasmus’

The June 2021 Edition of the Talents Match is the last activity of THE + OF ERASMUS project, intended at promoting job hunting skills between Erasmus+ exchange students in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

gE & Erasmus+ INDIRE hosted the second edition of the Learning Garage between 31 May – 4 June 2021

Last week (31 January – 4 June 2021) garagEramus Foundation and the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE organised the second edition of the Learning Garage, one of the three pillars of THE + OF ERASMUS project, intended at promoting job hunting skills between...